'The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Heats Things Up in Season Seven

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The seventh season of "The Vampire Diaries" is just a little over a week away and Ian Somerhalder is already heating things up with his tweet pointing out that his character Damon Salvatore is naked in the new TVD trailer.

Somerhalder's character Damon is now all alone after his lover Elena (Nina Dobrev), was caught up in an evil spell binding her existence to Bonnie's death.

If there is anything that fans know about Damon it's that dealing with loss brings out a very reckless character trait that dates back to the shows first season.

Somerhalder and the shows Executive Producer Julie Plec did say that there will be shades of the old Damon in season seven.

Well, it looks like Somerhalder is adding to that notion by pointing out that Damon was actually naked in one of the most recent trailers for "The Vampire Diaries." He clearly left the rest to the viewers imagination and drew a whopping 239,000 likes and over 28,500 comments on the Instagram post. We see what he did there.

Despite losing Dobrev's character the show will still stay true to its steamy and sultry nature by exploring and accentuating other relationships on the show such as Stefan and Caroline or Steroline, as the "The Vampire Diaries" fans call them.

Fans will also see how far the show pushes the Bamon relationship as the season progresses. "The Vampire Diaries" season seven premiere is scheduled for Thursday, October 8.

Why is Damon naked in this new Vampire Diaries Trailer...?

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