The Vampire Diaries 'I Alone' Recap, Season 6 Episode 9, Elena & Damon Get Some Alone Time

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Just before the Thanksgiving break some huge revelations were made in "The Vampire Diaries" "Fade Into You." This week in the ninth episode of the sixth season, some more surprising twists are revealed including some that will shake up a love story.

After "Friendsgiving," the Gemini Coven was explained in complete detail and Kai is revealed to be the evil twin of Jo. In tonight's episode, Damon finds himself in a tight space after using compulsion to get Alaric's help in retrieving the ascendant.

Elena breaks the news to Jeremy about Bonnie but he seems unbothered by any of it causing a bit of turmoil when it comes to the relationship.

Matt and Enzo develop a feud of their own when Enzo pulls a Damon and does something terrible.

Kai is making his way back to town leaving Bonnie all alone in the other world but not for long.

As for Stefan and Caroline things are still rocky between those two as they continue to iron out the kinks in route to a possible relationship.

Alaric kicks off the episode by setting the mood with Jo and it looks like things are going extremely well between the two. It's a very cozy setting that quickly switches to Damon confessing to Stefan about what he did to Alaric. Jo and Alaric discuss his visit to her childhood home and she tells him that she was able to gain her freedom after betraying Kai.

She says that the ascendant makes her feel safe.

As long as no one could get to it, she would be safe little does she know, her brother is on the way out. After all of the small talk it looks like the two are doing a lot better.

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Stefan tells Damon that Alaric is going to kill him when he finds out that Damon compelled him.

Damon turns the table on Stefan by telling him that it is just the same as ruining his relationship with Caroline. Alaric bursts in with the ascendant and Damon compels him to forget it ever happened.

Jeremy and Elena are going for a run and he looks to be in extremely better place. Elena breaks the news to him that Bonnie is still alive but he refuses to believe it. He is sick of hearing the same thing over and over again and believes that Damon is lying to Elena. Meanwhile, Liv is still battling her protector Tyler.

He doesn't want her to leave because she is scared that her Gemini Coven will capture her and make her join with her brother. She tells him that she needs to laugh about it because she can't keep dwelling on the negative parts.

They share a very passionate kiss and it looks like at least two of the love stories in "The Vampire Diaries" are working.

Matt and Sarah witnessed the whole thing and Sarah continues Matt to reunite her with her family Stefan and Damon. Elena and Damon meet Liv in the woods to prepare the spell that will send them to the other side to find Bonnie. When Elena finds out that Damon got the Ascendant from Jo he starts to worry.

After a quick shot of blood and a witty joke from Damon he and Elena make their way to the other side. They reach the cemetery that Elena visited all of the time after her parents died.

Kai is in the back of a taxi and it looks like he is making his way back Mystic Falls and no one else knows he is coming except for Bonnie.

He kills the taxi driver after reaching his destination and the murderous path begins.

Damon and Elena are looking everywhere for Bonnie but they can't seem to find her. Elena jumps to the conclusion that Kai may have killed her and after Damon calms her down, she finds blood. Damon decides to page Kai without knowing that he is not longer in 1994.

Does this mean that Bonnie will get their message and come to meet them? Sarah is about to meet Stefan and just then Enzo walks in to ruin things.

He tries to convince Sarah that she can do much better and after Matt tells Sarah who he is they get into an argument.

Stefan walks in and ends the feud momentarily, however, Sarah bombards him with the fact that she is related to him.

Elena is finding all sorts of machines from the past and a videotape where Damon recorded his days while in 1994. He quickly stops her from watching it and tries to change the subject and in the midst of it all Bonnie calls them to Elena's excitement. Bonnie is equally excited and Damon and Elena keep on the line as they try to locate her.

She tells them that she is on her way back to Mystic Falls and she only has a limited amount of time to make it there. Damon is worried about Kai being out already and the truth is he is already out.

Kai walks into the bar and right up to Liv. He takes notice to her name tag and it looks like he is starting to put it all together.

Alaric and Jo are now in an argument about the ascendant that he stole from her. Due to his compulsion, he lies to her and continues to lie to her face about it. Jo thinks that she is a fool to have let the ascendant out of her site or tell Alaric where it is. Jo figures out that Damon compelled him to steal the Ascendant and she tells him to test it by going across the border.

Once he crosses the compulsion will go away and he will see if Damon really is his friend or not. Damon and Elena are enjoying their alone time and she stumbles upon the article about Kai's murderous rampage.

She puts all the pieces together and realizes that Damon weaseled his way into getting the Ascendant.

He continues to deflect the questions from Elena and he finally tells her that Alaric stole it from her after he compelled him. Elena is deeply upset and storms out. Damon tries to talk Elena into his reasoning for getting the Ascendant, however, he just ends up looking selfish to Elena.

Enzo and Matt watch closely as Stefan and Sarah get acquainted.

He introduces her to the Salvatore family tradition of a chocolate shake which is really a ploy to call her out about lying about her relation to the family.

Matt approaches them about leaving but Sarah covers and the two take off.

Kai sends all types of signs to Liv about who he is but she doesn't take it. She is also a little annoyed and then asked him for a little I.D. He urges her to look again and it all comes to her.

Just when she tries to escape he grabs her. She tries to run away but he traps her in the bar and tortures her with memories. He begins chasing her around and Tyler steps in to help his new girl.

This episode has been a little bit of a puzzle as all of the secrets are being unraveled one by one.

Damon has dug himself another hole with Elena after what he did to Alaric and he probably should have known that it would not go well with her.

The only thing that will save him is finding Bonnie and letting Elena catch a glimpse of their new bond.

Enzo tries to convince Matt that it is strange that Stefan and Sarah just left. Enzo admits to hating Stefan for all of the reasons that he could think of. Sarah and Stefan are driving away and he still doesn't believe that she is Sarah.

He realizes that Sarah or the pretend Sarah is fake because he has been keeping tabs on her since the day she left. Pretend Sarah is really Monique. Yet another intense plot twist in this maze of an episode.

Damon tells Elena what happened on May 10, 1994 and tells her that it was Bonnie's hope that helped him survive and make it out. He even tells her that he and Bonnie became friends and that he is doing it for her not for Elena. Elena looks to believe everything he is saying as they site on the swings of the front porch. Damon tells Elena that he and Bonnie came to her house everyday and he even fixed the swing.

She remembers burning the house down and feels a lot of remorse. He asks her if she wants to go in and with one last moment before, she tells him that she is sorry for compelling away the memories.

Something happens and they are brought back instantly.

They see Liv and Tyler together and Elena is completely heartbroken that they had to leave Bonnie behind again. Live and Tyler also reveal that Kai is out and already wreaking havoc all around town.

How many times can Bonnie be left behind before they finally get her out? It seems like every episode gets closer to getting Bonnie back home but it's all ripped away by Kai.

It now seems as if they will have to get rid of Kai once and for all before they can bring Bonnie back.

Jeremy will not be happy with what is going down and how will Jo and Alaric react to what they find?

The action returns and Stefan and Monique are discussing Sarah's life. Stefan tells Monique that he wanted Sarah to have a normal life no matter what. He even threatens Monique, after telling her he won't hurt her. He compels her to leave and never come back. Matt shows up and just when they are going to let Sarah go, Enzo comes back.

He grabs Monique and threatens Stefan to tell the truth, however, Enzo ends up killing Monique and Matt is beyond fed up. Elena and Damon sit in the cemetery where promises her that they will go back.

Just then Kai shows up and breaks the Ascendant.

Next, he tosses Damon aside and sets the Ascendant on fire to try to destroy their chances of going back to get Bonnie.

Damon knocks him into the other side of the border and her tells them that he is now on the loose.

There is absolutely nothing good that can come from Kai being in the picture. He is pure evil and with the Ascendant damaged will Bonnie ever be able to come back to her friends and more importantly Jeremy? Stefan apologizes to Matt who doesn't really want to hear it from Stefan. He questions why everyone trusts him and tells him that at the end of the day Stefan is just like Enzo.

Matt may have had his last run in with vampires after another innocent life is taken. Elena makes the phone call to tell Jeremy that something went wrong.

Jeremy's last words to her were "I bet Damon's fine isn't he." Matt calls on Jeremy to help him kill Enzo.

Alaric confronts Damon about compelling him and punches him in the face. When Alaric asks where Kai is Damon tells him the truth and gets another strong punch to the face. He may be closer to getting Elena back but he has lost Alaric and Bonnie again. Bonnie reaches the house all alone and hurt.

She is always the one who gets left behind and she begins to get very emotional. She is visibly upset, crying at the front porch and she has no one.

Damon has always been the one who benefits from it all.

Tyler walks into his house to be greeted by Kai. Kai tells him that he wants to save Liv's life and asks him if he wants to make a deal with the devil.

This was a well-written episode and it only sets the tone for an incredible last couple of episodes.

The plot is forever thickening as the "The Vampire Diaries" writers are really giving fans twist after twist. The story of the Gemini Coven have become a focal point of the epic show and it looks like Kai's character may be as sinister as his introduction to the show.

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