The Vampire Diaries 'Christmas Through Your Eyes' Recap, Season 6 Episode 10, Mid-Season Finale

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Last week in "I Alone" "The Vampire Diaries" got a bit somber as Bonnie was so close to going back home before Kai ripped the hopes apart.

This week in "Christmas Through Your Eyes" the tenth episode of the sixth season things get even more devastating in the mid-season finale.

Bonnie is stuck on the other side but according to her day count it is now Christmas. In order to make things a bit more festive she tries to incorporate some traditions from the present day.

All of he efforts end up making her reminisce about the golden days with her friends. Sheriff Forbes tries to get Caroline into the holiday spirt at Whitmore College but the cheer doesn't last for long.

Alaric enlists the help of Damon and Elena as Jo goes missing and Tyler tries to convince Liv and Luke to carry out a risky plan.

Jeremy and Matt have had enough of Enzo and look to assume the roles of hunters in order to take him out. Stefan's hand is forced when he has to be the bearer of devastating news to Caroline.

The action kicks off as Jo has to cancel on Alaric during their Christmas dinner. Jo tends to a young girl who appears to be in trouble, however, she is then taken by Kai after being injected with something. Christmas is all around Whitmore and in a strange twist Bonnie is remembering her Christmas back home with Elena.

As she drags a Christmas tree across the parking lot she, she will start her own tree decorating ceremony on the other side.

Sheriff Forbes surprises Caroline at Whitmore and brought all of her favorite Christmas things. She also brought along Stefan to help with the dorm decorating and Caroline is surprised but still lets him in.

Elena and Damon are spending some time together and it looks like they have gotten a lot closer. The two have been looking all night for something that resembles the ascendant with little luck. Elena continues to stare awkwardly at Damon in disbelief that he could actually be trying to help Bonnie. Elena gets a very urgent call from Alaric.

They realize that Jo is missing and they already know who the culprit is. Alaric and Damon are going back and forth about what they can do to get Jo back.

Tyler is trying to convince Liv and Luke to help Kai in his quest to merge with Jo.

Damon calls Matt to see if he has seen Kai but Matt is very short with him. Jeremy approaches and the two look armed and ready to kill Enzo.

Alaric tells Damon that Jo needs her magic but she got rid of it. The knife that she hid it in is gone. Kai wants Liv and Luke to do a locator spell so that Kai can find the knife and force Jo's magic upon her.

Liv is on board with Tyler's plan but Luke is still skeptical.

Damon thought he had the knife hidden but it turns out that it is already gone. Live ad Luke are reunited with their evil big brother and it looks like he is preparing for something huge.

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Bonnie is busy as a bee decorating the Christmas tree and continues her flashbacks this time with Caroline and Sheriff Forbes. Bonnie, Elena and Caroline string popcorn in their freshman year of high school. Stefan is busy helping Caroline decorate and she questions him on his motives for being there. He tells her that he is trying but she says anyone can be friends when your'e hanging Christmas lights.

Caroline's mom walks in as Stefan walks out but she faints and Stefan is there to catch her. Kai is go over the plans with his little siblings and they all approach Jo who is awake.

Kai stabs Jo wit the knife that contains the magic and when Luke tries to step in Kai threatens him as well.

Jo tells Kai that getting the magic will be by choice and that she would probably bleed to death before the ceremony at the current rate.

Live is left in charge of figuring out what is going on. Elena meets Caroline at the hospital as they watch her mother who has now been sedated. Elena fills Caroline in on what she has missed during the search for the ascendant.

Caroline also gives her input on Damon being there for Elena and she even gives him a little credit. Damon has already figured out Tyler, Liv and Luke's plan and just then he runs into Luke.

Damon tries to joke about the situation but in the process he manages to convince Luke that they are doing the wrong thing.

Matt lures Enzo to him and confronts him for his treachery, just then both he and Jeremy launch an a perfectly planned attack knocking him out.

So far this episode has been setting the tone for something big to happen. Already it looks like Stefan's bad news will involve Caroline's mom judging her condition, but will it bring Stefan and Caroline closer or force them apart? Damon and Elena are getting closer and it looks like things are finally getting back to normal where they are concerned.

Poor Bonnie is stuck all alone and viewers are probably completely upset as she deserves a lot better for all the sacrifices she made for everyone else. Will she make her return before the mid-season finale is over?

Stefan keeps an eye on Sheriff Forbes and he is approached by Elena. Stefan tells Elena that Forbes is suffering from a cancerous tumor and it sends her into shock and concern for her friend. Jeremy and Matt drag Enzo's body along but they are disagreeing on how to deal with him. Jeremy tries to convince Matt that the us vs them mentality is going to get him killed.

Liv talks to Jo who is trying to get her help to escape but Liv continues to push Jo to take her magic back. Jo tells Liv that if Kai merges with Jo he would be the most powerful witch in the coven.

Liv tries to convince her sister that she is strong enough to beat Kai in the merge and come out on top.

Kai blasts in during the moment and absorbs Liv's magic. He begins trying to kill Liv but Jo grabs the knife and takes her magic back.

Damon and Alaric are still bickering after Damon compelled him. They try to smooth things over and Damon finally apologizes to him but it doesn't look like he took the apology well. Jo regains her magic and Kai senses it flowing within her. Jo breaks free and Kai is lured out by Damon's whistle.

Damon attacks him, but Kai manages to keep him trapped, until Alaric attacks him holding a gun to his head. Jo stops him from killing Kai and tells him to keep him alive.

All she needs is time to get stronger to win the merge. Jo is very noble and her choice to chance the merge to protect her little brother and sister shows how kind her heart is.

Tyler asks Luke why he told Damon about where Kai is. Liv tells them both to calm down because Jo can beat Kai. Luke is not as optimistic as Liv and tells her that people will die and it will be on their hands. Elena asks Stefan if he is okay and he replies telling her they always have a plan for evil, but there is no plan for telling Caroline that she is losing her mom. Elena tells him that she should be the one to tell her but Stefan refuses and says that he needs to tell her because he hasn't been there for her when she needed him.

Alaric and Jo take a stroll through the park and they are becoming quite the cozy item, he pulls her in and they share a kiss. Kai has been chained up and Damon is using him as target practice by throwing rocks at him.

Just then Kai figures out that there is a spell covering the entire town. Alaric comes out and confronts Damon for being selfish. Meanwhile, Kai has a devilish look in his eye after absorbing some information from the ground.

Bonnie gets ready to light up her Christmas tree but the lighting only makes her nostalgic as she remembers Sheriff Forbes' speech, it was the last time she was with her friends. Caroline is sitting by herself and she seems optimistic until Stefan tells her they need to talk. Damon is trying to talk to Elena on the phone but something strange is happening. Jeremy attends the tree lighting ceremony but he also notices the anomaly. Matt is taking over where Tripp left off driving Enzo across the border to end him.

Damon notices that Kai is channeling something huge and so does Alaric. Kai is chanting and it is beginning to worry the two of them. Just when Matt drives over the border Enzo begins to fall apart, he stops the van but Kai continues his chant.

Matt approaches Enzo who is still alive. Kai has soaked up all the magic from the travelers spell, eliminating the border restriction.

Matt is now in a world of trouble because Enzo has luckily managed to escape death. Alaric, Damon and the rest of their friends are in for a very scary surprise as Kai now has more magic than he ver had before.

Kai is proving to be the single worst enemy they have ever had to face.

Damon tries to fight off Kai but he is way too strong. Kai disappears and Damon and Alaric are now confused as to what's going on. Enzo and Matt find some strange common ground. Enzo tells Matt that he is jealous of Stefan and that Matt is going to help him take away all of Stefan's happiness. Damon returns home and tells Elena that the spell is broken.

Elena tells him that she doesn't know what they use to be, but after the horrible day she just needs to see him. Stefan broke the news to Caroline and she begins to react in only the way she can.

He tells her that all of the scenarios she is coming up with are being shot down. She is taking it very hard and crumbling right before Stefan's eyes.

As she falls apart Stefan is finally there when she needs him the most and she accepts it. Elena sees the two and knows that Stefan has broken the bad news. Bonnie is left behind again and as Jeremy places an ornament on their tree for Bonnie she stands back looking at hers on the other side.

She sets the tree on fire and "Christmas Through You Eyes" concludes with Caroline watching over her mom and Damon being gifted his old ride by his brother who completely restored it.

Stefan looks like he will be sticking around and Elena finally makes it back to the old Salvatore Mansion where she is greeted by her ex at the door.

Or at least so we all thought, Kai has put a cloaking spell on him and Elena! Damon could not see his ex at the door and Kai attacks Elena.

Tonight shocking mid-season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" was well written. When it looked like things couldn't get worse it managed to hit almost rock bottom for the team of friends.

Damon and Elena may be growing closer but a other lives around them are becoming more fragile as the fight against the villains wage on.

The second half of "The Vampires Diaries" should be returning with quite the bang as The CW hit continues to captivate and engage it's fans.