'The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola Invites Fans To Follow Her Every Move This Summer

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Social media is home to almost all of the cast members of "The Vampire Diaries" and this summer Candice Accola is using the social media platform Instagram to keep fans in touch as she travels all over this summer.

Accola recently enjoyed the festivities of the New Orleans Jazz Festival and as it came to a close, she invited all of her friends and followers to join her and her husband, Joe King, as they go on a travel extravaganza this summer.

"I love to travel," Accola wrote in the caption of the photo below.

"I'm very grateful that my job, and my husband's job, keep my nomadic habits alive and well! This summer I'll be traveling and eating all over the world and I'd love to invite any other nomads to join me by following @longitudelatitudegratitude for a closer look into my adventures! Starting with Jazz Fest 2015!"

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Accola is somewhat of a newlywed so we should probably refer to her as Candice King which is the name she uses on her second Instagram page longitudelatitudegratitude that will be dedicated to documenting her travels all summer.

It's a pretty neat idea and serves as something that both she and husband will be able to look back on. Check out some of the awesome shots that Accola has already shared with her followers below.

Frenchmen Art Market

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Loving this Ouija Board side table at Frenchmen Art Market

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Crawfish Monica! A signature Jazz Fest dish! Crawfish+Mac&Cheese= MindBlown

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