'Utopia' Week Three Part One Recap, S1 E6

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On tonight's new episode of Fox's "Utopia" the third week began with the 14 remaining utopians trying to survive in their own society.

Day 20 began the third week of survival for the utopians, and the relationships between the contestants were tested and questioned.

The pioneers had very limited funds left for their society, and new ideas were brought up to better their living situation.

Their previous idea of anarchy-style leadership failed, so it was back to figuring out what works best for the group to succeed.

Most of the ideas brought forward by different utopians were rejected by others, because no one was able to fully be satisfied. Bella, the survivalist, recommended that the girls in Utopia should lead the group.

Of course the women stood up for her, while the guys shot her idea down.

Bella's idea was eventually welcomed by the group, and she was open to letting the men share their views on why or why not they believe it will work.

The first meeting of the women leaders brought successful ideas, and later the entire group Red was given the first visitation so he could finally see his family.

Red has another utopian take his son fishing so he could get alone time with his wife, for what should be obvious reasons. Amanda, who is pregnant, also received a visit from her midwife, and learned her baby was healthy.

The utopians also started questioning whether or not Brie should be eliminated from the society for not carrying her own weight. No one is really getting along in the utopia, and the tensions were flaring between the utopians.

Rob does his best to rally everyone together before the Utopia Experience, an event where outsiders paid $20 each to tour the utopia and see the utopians showcase their skills.

The Utopia desperately needed money, and their business venture proved to be a great success. They were able to raise $1483, raising their total to just over $3000 again.

Rob surprised the group, buying a water filter as a congratulations on their success.

The next episode of "Utopia" airs Friday Sept. 26th at 8 p.m. on Fox, with the addition of another pioneer to the utopia