US Weekly's Mara Reinstein Plays 'Stump the Booey' On the Howard Stern Show

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It's another day of pure fun with the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show and the crew. This time, US Weekly's movie critic, Mara Reinstein challenges Gary Dell'Abate to a game of Stump the Booey.

Reinstein was introduced to the Stern Show as the challenger of Dell'Abate in Stump the Booey. They would be going against to each other to figure out who knows the most movie trivia.

"Howard said Mara is a film critic for Us Magazine. Howard said that's pretty cool. Howard asked if she went to school for journalism. Mara said she did," according MarksFriggin.

Reinstein works for Jann Wenner at US Weekly. Stern said he liked Wenner and Rolling Stone, to which Reinstein thanked him for supporting the publication.

She actually interviewed Robin Quivers in 2008 and forgot to turn on the recorder because she was too excited. Meanwhile, Reinstein revealed that Tammy is the worst movie she has ever seen, despite her love for the film Bridesmaids.

Reinstein actually took the challenge pretty serious and created an Spotify playlist to study for it. There was $5,000 in Tommy John prize money on the line as they began the challenge.

"Howard said he's going to play the song and both contestants have to write down their answers. Howard played the first one and Gary and Mara wrote down their answers," according to MF.

"Mara asked for a little bit more. Howard played a few more seconds of the song. Howard said he has to stop it there. Mara had Bow-Wow-Wow 'I Want Candy.' Gary had that too."

They went back and forth in the game however, Reinstein took home the win and kindly donated her prize money to the North Shore Animal League.

It was a pretty light day for the Stern Show but another successful installment none-the-less.