'Unlocking the Truth' Recap: Johnny Politte's Truck, and Finding Eugene Littlejohn (Watch)

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This episode of MTV's Unlocking the Truth starts with the story of Michael Politte, going more in-depth into the man in the woods, then returns to Kalvin Michael Smith and the possible connection to a guy named Kenneth Lamoureux.

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Unlocking the Truth: The Pickup

The episode begins with Ryan and Eva discussing the "man in the field." They track down former neighbors of Michael Politte, Mike and Betty Nixon. The Nixons tell the team that Michael Politte's mother could easily handle Michael, as the boy was rather small and weak.

So they believed that the murderer must have been someone else.

They also tell the team that their friend, Kevin Politte, a truck driver, saw a truck parked near the tracks (near the crime scene -- see our previous recap for more on this). Apparently, it was Johnny Politte's truck.

Johnny Politte is the cousin of Ed Pollite (Michael Politte's dad).

Another friend, Larry Lee told the neighbors that he saw Johnny Politte in the field and offered a ride; Johnny declined.

The Nixons also tell Ryan and Eva that a sheriff told them that he thought Ed Politte was involved in the murder.

Unlocking the Truth: Where's Johnny?

The team goes to talk to Kevin Politte, who doesn't want to appear on camera but is willing to talk off-camera. Kevin Politte tells them that he was driving the his truck early in the morning and saw the pickup truck at the railroad tracks.

He didn't think much of the pickup truck at the time.

He also says that another man, Larry Lee, told him that Johnny Politte was cutting across the field at the time and looked like a deer in the headlights.

Like the Nixons, Kevin Politte notes that Michael Politte was not big enough to kill his mother.

Ryan and Eva take Michael Politte's lawyer to see Larry Lee. Larry Lee and his wife agree to be interviewed, but don't want to appear on camera.

Larry Lee says that on the day in question, he left for work at 6:30 in the morning and as he approached the railroad, he saw Johnny Politte coming down the tracks toward the road.

Lee says that he stopped, and Politte told him that Rita (Michael's mother) was dead -- "somebody killed her." Lee says Johnny Politte's clothes were wet.

Lee continues, saying that several days later, Johnny Politte came to his house and asked his wife what she knew about the murder.

Politte claimed he was doing his own investigation; his demeanor scared Lee's wife enough for her to ask him to leave.

The team concludes that the timing seems to be off. How could Johnny Politte have known about Rita's death before everyone else?

After an interlude, the team focuses on the case of Kalvin Michael Smith.

Unlocking the Truth: Ellen Lamoureux

They go to talk to Ellen Lamoureux, wife of the deceased Kenneth Lamoureux. While he was alive, Kenneth Lamoureux had abused Ellen repeatedly.

Ellen Lamoureux tells the team that when she talked to the detective after the murder, the detective was very clear that he thought Kenneth committed the murder.

Ellen also explains that Kenneth hated pregnant women (the victim was pregnant) and that the victim was killed by a blunt object, like a Mag-Lite. Kenneth carried a Mag-Lite all the time.

Ellen continues, saying that right before the murder, Kenneth Lamoureux had become very depressed -- and was suicidal and homicidal. Because of that, Ellen had him placed in a psychiatric ward.

Kenneth then became very angry and tried to impale her on a fence. She was able to get the police to hold Kenneth for a few hours, while she got out of the area with her kids.

The next day, the murder occurred.

Ellen says she called the police about the murder and was told "we arrested a black man" -- basically they believed Kenneth was responsible, but they wanted to get the black man "off the street."

Unlocking the Truth: Confessions

The team then goes to meet Kalvin Michael Smith's original lawyer. The lawyer says that there was a lot of pressure on the police to find the perpetrator. He tells the team that none of the witnesses who claimed Kalivn was the killer seemed credible.

One of the witnesses, Andra Wilson, apparently said "I know the truth...the truth will set [Kalvin] free." Another of the witnesses, Valerie Williams, contradicted her story. The third witness, Eugene Littlejohn, changed his story several times.

The team is able to find one of the witnesses, Valerie Williams, and they go to see her. She refuses to talk.

They then decide to look more closely at Eugene Littlejohn's testimony. They meet an expert on false confessions who finds the testimony to be suspect.

He believes that Eugene Littlejohn was coerced or tricked into making the statements that he made against Kalvin.

For example, in the original testimony, Littlejohn didn't seem to be able to describe the crime scene, even though in court, he claimed to have been at with Kalvin at the crime scene.

The team then goes to visit Kalvin's mother and her family, all of whom have been severely affected by Kalvin's incarceration.

Unlocking the Truth: Finding Eugene

Finally, the team decides to seek out Eugene Littlejohn. Eugene is an addict and has moved around a lot, so they aren't sure where to look for him.

They ask Kalvin's mother to help them find him, and she does. The team is face-to-face with Eugene when the episode ends.

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