MTV 'Unlocking the Truth' Finale Recap: What Will Happen to Case and Smith?

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Tonight was the final episode of this season of MTV's Unlocking the Truth. Michael Politte's case has already been closed, but what will happen with Byron Case or Kalvin Michael Smith? We'll find out.

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So here we are -- the end of the season (series?), and two of the three cases are still completely unsolved. Will we get a resolution? Let's find out.

Unlocking the Truth: Byron Case

The Unlocking the Truth team starts this episode by meeting with the victim's (Anastasia) dad. He is convinced that Byron was guilty of the murder -- not Justin, the boyfriend who committed suicide the next day.

The father's rationale was that the gun found with Justin was not the same gun used to kill Anastasia. He also believes that Justin wasn't the type of person who would commit such a crime.

The father claims that on the night of the murder, their house looked like Anastasia had come home before going out to the graveyard.

But this doesn't fit with any of the statements Kelly made, including the one which resulted in Byron's conviction.

Here's a clip:

Then there's this jaw-dropper. Although Kelly refused to be interviewed, her godfather sent a message to the Unlocking the Truth team after the show started airing, which he claimed was from Kelly.

In it, Kelly says that she knew Byron would try to make her look bad (like a drug addict), but nothing could compare to seeing Anastasia die. She then wrote "what you believe doesn't matter...[Byron] knows he killed her."

Ryan then goes to visit Byron in the prison. He asks about the tacit admission Byron made on the phone.

Byron responds: this is the sort of conversation he had with her many times -- he didn't know if she was high or drunk, so he just let her talk. "That's just me endeavoring to get her off the phone."

Byron believes that Justin and Anastasia met up at the cemetery that night. He suggests that they may have had a suicide pact, or some other strange plan.

He claims that there were strange things going on with their relationship the entire time.

In the end, however, the Unlocking the Truth team doesn't appear to have enough evidence for Byron to appeal his case. Byron will remain in jail for the foreseeable future.

Unlocking the Truth: Kalvin Michael Smith

The Unlocking the Truth team first meets with a man who was tasked with auditing the investigation into the case. He explains that the district attorney, D.R. Williams, had so many false convictions that it made him question this case. He returns to talking about the other suspect in the case, Kenneth Lamoureaux. He said that there was a lot of evidence against Kenneth, but the police department made it very difficult to audit the case by being uncooperative.

Next, the team goes to see D.R. Williams, who surprisingly is willing to talk -- but not on camera.

Williams claimed to have run the investigation properly.

He further says that at the time, it was clear from the evidence that Kalvin Michael Smith was guilty, but he didn't document all of the evidence, so it may not look that way.

You can see the clip here:

After reviewing the facts, the Unlocking the Truth team concludes that Kalvin Michael Smith is innocent.

Ryan then goes to see Kalvin in prison.

Kalvin says his case wasn't a mistake -- the DA knew he was prosecuting the wrong guy, but he did it anyway. Even though he has been in prison for 20 years, he maintains a positive attitude.

But the major news came after the show started airing. A new witness came forward and claims to have seen Kenneth Lamoureaux at the scene of the crime that night. This could completely upend the case.

Kalvin's attorney plans to appeal the case, and he thinks he has a chance to win given the new evidence.