'Unlocking the Truth' Recap: Michael Politte's Father Finally Talks, and Who is Kenneth Lamoureaux?

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Ryan Ferguson's new MTV show Unlocking the Truth is back with its second episode, where we find out more about Michael Politte.

The episode starts in the gym, where Eva Nagao and Ryan are lifting weights.

We find out that Ryan and Eva have been trying to get an interview with Michael Politte's dad, Ed Politte, but he hasn't been willing to talk. So they talk to Christal Sellers, Ed Politte's ex-wife.

Sellers explains that Michael used to come to her and Ed Politte's house every weekend and stay with them.

She tells Ryan and Eva that Ed had a falling out with Michael while Michael was in jail because Ed was supposed to have filed an appeal in Michael's case, but he never did.

This made Michael extremely angry, and it was then that Michael first said that Ed had framed him.

Sellers then tells the Unlocking the Truth team that Ed Politte's lawyer in his divorce quit because Ed had threatened Michael's mother.

Sellers then discussed how she woke up when she heard Ed on the phone with his sister Patsy.

She said that all he said was "get up...we gotta go." Ed worked the night shift and usually came home before Sellers woke up, but she wasn't sure what time he had gotten home that day.

She told Ryan and Eva that she thought Ed may have been responsible, but changed her mind when she found out that during the time of death on the autopsy report, Ed had an alibi.

After the commercial break, the Unlocking the Truth team reveals that they were able to get an interview with Ed, and we see them going to Ed's house.

Ed tells Ryan and Eva that his sister called him and told him about his ex-wife's death. He says that his son was already in the police car when one of the officers told him "we really don't think Mike did this." In tears, he continues: "that didn't sit well with me," and he tried to provoke the police officer.

He then begins to quote the Bible.

Ryan then asks "why do you feel like they would say those things to you and just leave it at that." Ed responds, "because they couldn't prove that I did it." He says that he was 90 miles away, and because he received his sister's phone call at home on the morning of the crime, he could prove he wasn't involved.

He then admits that the last time he spoke with Michael was ten years ago. The circumstances: Ed hung up on Michael because Michael was angry and accused Ed of framing him.

See the exchange here:

After learning a bit more about Ryan, Unlocking the Truth switches over to their other case of the season: that of Kalvin Michael Smith.

Ryan tells us that Smith was arrested at 24, and he spent the last 20 years in prison "due to other people's words."

This case revolves around a woman named Jill Parker, who was closing up the shop she worked at when she called a friend saying that she was concerned about a "creepy guy" that was there. Fifteen minutes later, she was found brutally beaten.

She didn't die, but she was in a coma for months.

Police had no leads in the case, so they asked the community for help. In response, Smith's ex-girlfriend makes a statement that he told her that he beat a woman at the store in question on the night of the crime.

Later, another ex-girlfriend also said Smith admitted to being involved in the crime.

Then, one of Smith's friends, Eugene Littlejohn, and Littlejohn's girlfriend, claimed that Smith admitted to the crime. That was apparently enough for Smith to be convicted and sent to jail.

Ryan and Eva meet Smith's lawyer, who tells them that the DA was a "cut corners" type of guy, who had a reputation for getting false confessions.

The lawyer then brings up another potential suspect: Kenneth Lamoureaux, a man who was acquainted with the victim and had just been released from a psychiatric hospital. He also implies that Smith was railroaded due to racism.

After talking with Smith's dad, and revisiting some memories, Ryan and Eva go to see Jeana Schopfer, who was the last person to speak to Jill Parker before the attack.

She says that Kenneth Lamoureaux had a crush on Parker, and he would come around a lot, making Parker and her co-workers nervous. It got to the point that Lamoureaux had a restraining order taken out against him.

But Schopfer has another revelation: during her last phone call, Parker told her that Lamoureaux was there. Schopfer said that Lamoureaux was trying to make an advance at Parker, and it made both women uncomfortable.

Schopfer went to the police with this information, but they didn't bother following up.

According to the police report, there were two other witnesses to the crime. Ryan and Eva set out to find them.

They can't find the first witness, but they are able to find the second, Stella Goode. Goode claims that when she left Parker's store, there was a suspicious white man in the store: Kenneth Lamoureaux.

So what happens next? We will have to find out next week.

You can see full episodes of Unlocking the Truth at MTV.com.