Under The Dome, Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

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Well, what an interesting week in Under the Dome (Monday nights 10pm Pacific time). This episode, S2 EP5, saw some big changes.

Julia, the lovely ginger, is now in charge of Chesterville which is about to have a trial for Big Jim and Rebecca. They were caught trying to poison the town to help weed out the weak. Luckily the virus was never released but while charges were being read the town went into commotion and of course a townie was shot and killed.

This season there has been a lot of deaths in Chestervile, even main characters, which helps to keep the show fresh and intriguing.

However, when the town comes together to share supplies for survival someone goes and blows up the food drive.

There were some injuries but no new deaths and the former cop, Phil, who killed the townie is the explosion maker. How much more can one tiny town trapped in a dome endure? Well, maybe not too much more. It turns out that a possible solution to dissolving the dome might have been found, but people will have to die.

Will there be some mercy killings? Why is the dome there in the first place? What is the tunnel found at the very end of the episode and is it a way to freedom? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, the show is damn good and keeps you wanting more.

One last FYI, if you like shows because of a bit of eye candy, let me point out Barbie. He gives the show some sex appeal and his occasional shirtless scenes are alone worth watching.