Uber Rapper Impresses A Car Full of Women With His Rhymes

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This is definitely one way to impress the ladies while you're taking them to their destination.

An Uber driver by the name of Dylan Montayne impressed a car full of women by showing off his rapping skills which are pretty incredible.

From his official YouTube channel, you can tell that Montayne is an aspiring artist and he sure impressed a car full of women when he decided to rap for them and record himself doing so.

We've all hear different stories and seen videos of cool Uber experiences, however, this one should definitely be put up there.

Montayne rhymes over A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation" and he is actually able to get all of the ladies reacting and dancing along as he flowed rapidly.

He completes one verse and the ladies think it's over, however, Montayne gave the ladies a couple more bars for good measure as they applauded him for his ability.

It shouldn't be long before a record label catches whim of this video and hands Montayne a contract. You can watch the Uber rapper impress a car for of women in the video below.

Watch Uber Rapper Dylan Montayne Impress A Car Full of Women