Tyler Posey Previews His Last Shot Of 'Teen Wolf' Season 5: Hanging With Halsey

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In a matter of weeks "Teen Wolf" fans will be able to dive into season five but before that, Tyler Posey is sharing yet another shot from season five to increase the hype as the countdown continues.

"My last shot of season 5A, kicking back with the people I love. Premiere is June 29th," read the caption of Posey's photo where he is shown sitting between two characters one of which looks to be Liam played by Dylan Sprayberry.

Posey looks pretty calm in the photo however, the other two characters featured seem a bit troubled.

A photo posted by Tyler Posey (@i_love_harveys) on

This last shot comes just before the release of a brand new 20 second teaser titled, "Something Has Changed" (see below). It's painting Scott, Posey's character, as a darker wolf but being the Alpha, he has to keep a watchful eye on his entire pack.

This trailer builds upon the official teaser trailer for season five that contained so much suspense, new introductions and a few menacing looking villains that it's really amping it up to be the best season yet.

It also appears as if the friendship between Stiles and Scott is going to be put through a bit of a test even if Posey thinks his co-star Dylan O'Brien would make an awesome Spiderman.

Even Stiles is going to feel the stress this season.

Meanwhile, Posey shared some more photos as he hung out with rising artist Halsey. The two were sporting snapbacks and flipping off the camera in the edgy photo.

The "Teen Wolf" season five premiere is scheduled for June 29 and will be a two night event that continues on June 30.

The hype continues to build for what looks like one of the most intense and shocking seasons of MTV's "Teen Wolf" so far.

Will everyone survive? Let us know in the comments below who you think might kick the bucket before the end of season five.

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