Tyga Hoops It Up With Scottie Pippen

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Tyga recently made light of a chance encounter with NBA legend Scottie Pippen while in Paris.

The rapper has been posting his European adventure through selfies on Twitter and Instagram, but the most recent addition to the stream looks like a packed house on a court in France.

Tyga is dressed up in full basketball gear and looks like he may have taken his time on the court with the retired Chicago Bulls star.

The event was a larger basketball showcase which was covered by Hoopsfix and recently posted to Youtube:

Tyga has been in a minor beef with rapper Lil Durk, who recently admitted on ThisIs50 that Tyga paid Game to do a verse on his song. It seems the beef originally started as a studio disagreement and soon grew into a full on beef.

Lil Durk says you can expect the full story when his mixtape drops on July 2nd.

Scottie recently made big news when the Supreme Court rejected a defamation lawsuit that former Chicago Bulls superstar Scottie Pippen filed after media companies falsely reported that Pippen had gone bankrupt.

Looks like he's putting that behind him and getting back to his old profession and now passion, basketball.