Two Men Provide A Full Course Meal For A Homeless Man: There Are Still Good People In This World

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As the weather gets colder the holiday season is approaching and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas is near, in the spirit of giving thanks and the spirit of giving two men have managed to restore humanity.

(Video Below)

Gabe and Will of the MOLO Productions YouTube Channel, have managed to do one of the most selfless acts of kindness. They spent time preparing a full course thanksgiving meal for a homeless man that they spotted while driving around. They pull up in their Honda Accord with a chair and two portable dinner tables.

They begin to serve him as if he is a guest at a 5 star restaurant. He is treated to their salad, the turkey and other fixings, as well as a pie.

The message in the video caption read, "Hey Everyone, thanks for watching! This week, we decided that in the essence of thanksgiving, we would go out and surprise somebody less fortunate than us with a nice meal."

People may say they could have done this without putting it on YouTube, however, sharing something like this over social media is meant to inspire to to gain attention.

From the video the two men look genuinely happy about what they are doing.

Watch The Touching Video Below