Two Kids Flying Kick One Kid Kicked In The Head: Hilarious Video

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Showing off your martial arts skills or kicking skills need to be done so with caution as two kids show off which lands one of them getting kicked to the back of the head.

(Video Below)

In a video posted to the Funny Videos YouTube channel, two kids prepare to do an awesome kick-flip and for the most part in went smoothly, until one of the two was caught with a kick to the back of the head by the other. The synchronized kick was flashy and pretty cool and it showed some pretty good skills.

Though one of the two suffered a kick to the back of his head he didn't hit the ground. In fact, he also landed his flip.

The person filming the video immediately started to let out a laugh as the video ended. The kid who delivered the kick looked all shocked, concerned and of course amused at the same time.Word of advice to others make sure you space it out before you film it. Awesome flip but the execution was just a tad bit off.

As Bruce Lee once said, "Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick."

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