TV Reviews: Archer Season 5 Finale "Arrivals/Departures" 5x13

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And just like that, Archer: Vice's run has been completed.

It was an interesting deviation from the spy stories and created a new sort of havoc that we haven't seen in Archer, but I'm glad that Adam Reed will be going back to the original format.

"Arrivals/Departures" had two jobs: to tie up the Vice story line neatly and to provide a good enough reasoning as to how Malory is able to get ISIS back into the spy game.

Both were done in spectacular fashion while also including a couple of unexpected twists, one of them changing not just the show, but Sterling Archer himself.

At the San Marcos Airport, Sterling, Cherlene, and a now-in-labor Lana are being held by CIA Agent's Hawley (Gary Cole) and Slater (Christian Slater). Hawley is still unable to figure out just what the hell ISIS is even doing in San Marcos, and Lana tells him that they were selling weapons to Calderon that they bought from Slater. Lana informs them that Calderon also has a nerve-gas missile in the process of being launched. Hawley and Slater enforce, what they call, Operation Dropkick -- a bunch of marines dropping missiles in San Marcos.

Hawley explains everything -- Calderon needed weapons to fight the rebels but didn't have the money, only cocaine. Iran only wanted cash in return for the weapons so the CIA had to monetize the cocaine.

In that moment, Archer figures everything out: ISIS has been selling cocaine for the CIA so they could buy weapons from Iran.

Hawley tells Archer to drop the act, claiming he was in on it from day one...which obviously does not go well with Lana.

While Lana is choking Archer, Hawley and Slater plan their escape route out of San Marcos letting Lana and Archer know that they'll be dropped off in a black site. When a couple of rebels walk in, Lana goes and attacks them, taking their guns and shooting at Hawley and Slater. At the missile, Krieger and Ray are still trying to deactive the launch sequence with only 60 minutes to go.

There's still the lingering question of if it is actually Krieger and not one of the Krieger clones. At the palace, Malory plans on stealing everything of value in the palace.

There really isn't much of anything important going on at the palace instead of jokes about Pam's cocaine addiction and Cyril being a dictator so there's really not much to say.

At the airport, Archer does his best to be there for Lana, telling her to breathe while keeping time on her contractions. Archer tells Carol (take it we're calling her Carol now!) to go look at Lana's vagina and check on her progress with the baby. At the missile again, Krieger and Ray still haven't figured out how to disarm the bomb and with six minutes left, they're screwed. Krieger informs Ray that the missile isn't dangerous itself, only the nerve gas.

The plan? Remove the nerve gas from the missile before it launches. At the palace, Cyril, Malory, and Pam make their escape (wearing furs and hats) to get the hell out of San Marcos in one of Calderon's cars.

At the airport, Archer orders Carol to take Hawley and Slater to the jet and prep it to escape.

Making their escape, Cyril has to stop his car short before hitting Ray and Kreiger with the large canister of nerve gas as the rocket takes off. Ray and Kreiger get in the car and leave with Cyril, Malory, and Pam with the nerve gas strapped to the top of the car. The marines fly over the palace and drop the bombs, blowing up the palace.

Cyril and everyone else make it to the airport and hear Lana screaming in pain. Malory and Pam jump in to help Lana deliver the baby.

The baby ends up being a girl, and for whoever had black guy in the sperm donor pool (phrasing), they're wrong.

On the jet, Lana is breastfeeding the new baby girl and tells Malory that she quits ISIS. She explains that she can handle Malory lying to her, but not Archer.

Malory tells Lana that Archer had no idea about her agreeing to sell cocaine for the CIA, and asks when she has ever been honest with Sterling.

Malory then goes to talk to Agent Hawley about an offer.

It's revealed here by Kreiger that he never used a brain chip on Carol, so all Carol had to do was believe she could do it and she could be a country music star.

Hawley and Malory talk over their potential deal: Hawley is angry about losing $50 million worth of cocaine. In return, Malory gives him a painting she stole from the Calderon palace worth $40 million.

Hawley also plans on taking the nerve gas, which could give him a promotion in the CIA, making him director.

Malory suggests that his promotion could outsource business to a private firm, ISIS perhaps. Malory threatens to take the deal to Slater while also threatening to shoot him.

Archer goes to see Lana with the new born baby, and Lana explains everything about the sperm donor. Going back to when Archer had cancer, Malory suggested that Archer go to a sperm bank and donate his sperm which he told Lana on the night he go blackout drunk.

As Lana continues talking, Archer goes into a bit of a trance but she say that he has amazing genes and she actually does love him.

Archer wakes up from his trance, believing he was coming out of a coma from when he drowned eight months ago saving Lana's life. What it comes down to is this -- Lana's baby girl, Abijean, is Sterling's new daughter.

It's a satisfying ending to the Archer: Vice story line while bringing about a whole ton of potential story bits for season six. Adam Reed has gone on record saying he would like to see what would happen in the office with having Pam babysit the baby with Lana out on a mission.

But with Archer being the father, it'll be interesting to see the dynamic between Archer and Lana and what comes next for the two of them.

I also expect Abijean to accompany Archer on some missions, whether Lana likes it or not.

Archer: Vice was definitely a memorable chapter of Archer, but it'll be fun to see what Adam Reed and the rest of the gang have coming next when returning to the spy game.