TV Review: Million Dollar Listing NY: I Dream of Jeanne Recap

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Fredrik and the rest of the crew is back this week with Puerto Rico, a hidden vault penthouse, and the same crazy real estate antics.

Luis is still in Puerto Rico trying to sell a doctor client on a second home. Speaking of Luis, a certain Empty Lighthouse contributing writer recently caught him on the streets of Manhattan in a huge crowd taking on the phone in full suit.

If anyone relishes his fame, it's Luis.

Anyways, Fredrik gets a new listing in Brooklyn for . The show also (strongly) re-visits the whole Fredrik baby situation, which continues to be a big storyline along with Ryan's girlfriend problems.

Luis still needs some sort of personal story as they tried it last week with an ex-girlfriend but it was pretty boring.

My guess is that Luis will have a dating episode soon where he goes on dates and eventually gets a girlfriend.

Fredrik is certainly the star of the show but the question really is, who is more likable: Ryan or Luis?

Meanwhile, Ryan is still working on selling a massive $23M penthouse with a glass floor that leads to a vault. And just like everyone else, the client expects more that usual (expediting a commercial to try and help sell it).

Ryan always has the strangest selling techniques... oh wait I forgot about Luis. Why can't they both learn from Fredrik and just do normal open houses?

The big 'moment' in the episode is the classic 'Bravo' fight between Luis and Fredrik. Fredrik invites him in for a conversation, which feels a little forced, likely pushed along by the producers. Fredrik then brings him to a client to basically make him look foolish.

He over promised Luis that he was introducing him to a developer, but it's really just a person that basically flips townhouses. I think Fredrik truly believes that Luis is a tiny agent.

They then have an intense verbal fight on the street and Luis basically tells him to F off.

At the end of the day, Luis closes a deal in Puerto Rico with a few extra perks for the client. Ryan makes a corny commercial for $50,000 (I would've done it for around $30).

And Fredrik gets to play with Luis... again.