TV Review: Extreme Weight Loss: Ty and Charita Recap

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Extreme Weight Loss is back! Ty is a 480-lb. nineteen year old (his Twitter) and Charita is a 310-lb. mother of three; and they both desperately need a change in their lives.

Now Chris Powell is known for being a bit of a sweetheart when it comes to training & weight loss but in many ways, it's really the right strategy. These contestants are often broken emotionally and beyond losing weight, they need their self-esteem built back up (I see they also brought in Chris' wife in a more active role). That is certainly the case with season openers Ty and Charita.

Ty was a baseball player and it genuinely sounded like he had some real talent, not just bragging about the past. He even has professional baseball interest.

Luckily for Ty, he is only 19 years old and potentially has a long bright future ahead of him.

Charita is also another sad case with three boys at home and a feeling of hopelessness. But on a positive note, they start the episode off right with her dancing on the street to be chosen (of course she would be chosen either way. So the training begins, and for both contestants it is a rough start... but less so for Charita who is actually pregnant during this whole thing (wow).

The self-esteem begins to wobble for both during training and they have to address their inner demons. Charita admits to her parents that she has had an abortion and it is a rough scene...

but they end up being very understanding.

Each contestant shows solid progress into the second hour and the show drops in some celebs of course, one being Tyrese and the other being baseball player (Angels) Josh Hamilton. Then a hammer drops on Ty. The sports marketing guy who has been pitching him this entire time is outed as a big fraud (likely by the shows producers). Pretty dream crushing.

Luckily he's on a national TV show, so Chris gives him a hookup with an MLB training facility. However being really selfish, he chooses to leave the show because he thought he was going to be a baseball star and make money.

He basically thought he might get rich through the show.

So at the end of the journey, Ty comes back and says he wants to put in the work with only 3 months left. But he can't commit, and he frustrates the trainers to no end. It ends with no resolution for Ty, through his own hardheadedness.

For Charita, she accomplishes major weight loss and ends up looking a-m-a-z-i-n-g. She loses a total of 150 pounds, which is frankly really inspiring. Congratulations!

If you ask me, these episodes are way too long, even though the episode tracks the contestant over several months.

Much like the Biggest Loser, it seems to go on forever and ever, but either way, it is amazing see these transformations...

Here's what you can expect to see in Season 4: