TV Review: Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 9 "A Material Witness"

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Chicago PD is back with another case that hits close to home. Similar to the second episode involving Antonio's son Diego being kidnapped, these are usually the best episodes. Tonight was no exception.

The episode starts off where the last episode ended - with Voight arrested. The new IA guy Stillwell interrogates Voight for bit, telling him if he doesn't stop stalling on bringing in criminals he'll get thrown back in prison.

His style is so much tighter than the old IA woman character that she seems almost incompetent by comparison.

Here's hoping this comes to a head in the finale and something drastic happens to either Voight or the IA officer - no wiggle room allowed.

Voight flexes his power in the intelligence unit by making Sumner do essentially busy work the whole episode, warning her she'll regret it if she is with IA.

The main case revolved around a seemingly regular gang shooting.

However when Atwater and Burgess arrived on scene, they noticed the one witness to the murder is Lexi, Olinsky's daughter.

As a turf war between two rival gangs heats up, Olinsky tries to stop the inevitable from happening: his own daughter becoming a material witness in a gang shooting.

Material witness means testifying, which means risking her life. Olinsky goes on the offensive, ripping up Atwater's case notes. While he does his best, the rest of the team try and track down the man responsible.

The main characters bounce between leads on the two gangs quite fluidly.

Some of the plot points were fairly routine - information and a name overheard by the shooting victim's mom - while others were quite clever.

These included Ruzek getting sexy pics from his significant other, distracting him enough to get his phone stolen - which broke the case open.

Again, the case this week was pretty jam packed - in a good way. It was fun watching the group try and solve the case before Olinsky's daughter had to testify - the walls closed in. First, it is revealed two cops wrote Lexi into their report already.

Things escalated after it became clear the man they caught who was responsible was never going to confess to anything. Lexi ends up getting subpoenaed and so she starts the testifying process early by identifying the man in a lineup.

I hope this goes somewhere that has ramifications - good or bad.

The main second story involved Jin and Jay's current relationship where Jin has been tracking the creepy pedophile guy Jay has been eager to put away for years.

After Jin is reamed out by Voight for doing a side job for Jay and Jay refuses to tell Lindsay anything, we don't hear from that story line until the very end, when the pedophile guy shows up dead.

Now I don't know what to think about this cliffhanger. For one, this had to happen eventually given the hostile nature between the two of them. Secondly, the relationship they had was a public one, so it easily could be something that is pinned on Jay. If they're going this route, I want something bad to stick. Voight has gotten away with murder by being the smartest in the room.

I want the evidence stacked against Jay, with him on the run to prove his innocence. Two many cliffhangers have been tied in a neat bow - Voight escaping two murders, saving his son, etc.

This needs to at the very least ding Jay's record. Lindsay and Jay's relationship needs to be strained. They're due for a really deep conflict.

I can't wait until next week to see if Jay gets a little knocked around next episode trying to prove his innocence.

Lexi as a material witness is a seed they played that they can pull at anytime. I for one can't wait until they do.

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