TV Review: Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 12 "8:30 PM" Recap

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Chicago PD continues the crossover. Let's discuss.

Let's go through the cliffhangers from last episode. Shay is brought into a room and hooked up to an IV. After Severide checks in on her, we don't see her the rest of the episode. I guess she'll be fine by Chicago Fire next week.

The little sister of the pediatrician who had the brain bleed ended up not making it. Once the parents were there, the head ER doc made the inevitable but nevertheless tough call that they should donate the liver to the niece of Burgess who had the crushed liver.

His line "if you agree, your daughter's death won't be meaningless" was icy cold and very convincing.

So the kids injured story was a nice switch around - initially the niece is hurt, but then the sister ends up dying and saving the niece. Well done.

Voight and the team attend an ATF and FBI meeting led by Jay Karnes, the frequently cast law enforcement guy. Like I said in the Chicago Fire review, they were smart to involve the FBI, ATF, and other high end law enforcement. However, it would have been a nightmare to have them all work the case. The way it is explained is Voight and his team are given interview/watchdog duty which Voight obviously doesn't listen to.

While Voight and the team make progress, the FBI guys spend an awfully long time looking into one guy who might have fertilizer in his truck and ties to a radical organization. Meanwhile Jin was able to identify the majority of the crew responsible.

I'm not in law enforcement but I would think that Chicago PD crew would have to get insanely lucky for that to happen. Otherwise the FBI portrayed in the show are awfully stupid or severely lacking manpower.

That's really my only nitpick from tonight's episode. And it's barely noticeable. I'd rather watch Voight and the team investigate and have them on screen as much as possible anyway.

After it's clear Voight was going to work alone with his group, the race was on. After finding a dead guy in an apartment, Jin does more digging and finds an associate that spoke with Olinsky earlier.

The team corners him in the hospital after he tries taking Lindsay hostage. Cruz and Mills end up knocking him out.

He gives up a guy who has a garage that they raid and find evidence that suggest there were 3 timers purchased.

After Jin figures out the bomb that did go off was supposed to go off at 8:30 pm and not in the morning, the team realized they were now fighting a literal ticking bomb.

This is key to cranking up the tension for the final act.

The reasons don't matter so much. Anti-government, war against cops, etc. The team speeds down to headquarters and catches the main guy and the last bomb before it goes off.

Voight ends up hanging him off a roof as the team dismantles the bomb. He then clocks him across the face. Awesome.

The episode ends with Lindsay and Severide spending the night together after going through the tragic experience. It was a nice way to utilize the particularly tough day to further their relationship.

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