TV Review: Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 11 "Turn The Light Off"

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Chicago Pd is back with one of the best episodes of the season.

The main case this week revolved around a bank heist where 8 million was stolen. The team tracks the initial culprits - a Croatian gang - only to find a group of Colombians had figured out the plan and decided to rob the robbers. The two surviving staff members happened to be in on it.

One Croatian, who ended up getting set on fire by the Colombians, and one Colombian plant who Voight and Olinsky intimated into giving up a location.

Only issue was the in they had with the Colombian was where he picked up his hookers. Burgess volunteers.

There was quite a bit of this guy lies who gives up this guy, this guy called this guy, etc. It was written well enough where that was easy to overlook.

Engaging tight scripts will have that effect when exposition is necessary. The nature of the robbery allowed Jin to be involved more, which was nice. I still say get him out on the street somehow.

Lindsay's heroin addict CI Nadia is back, claiming she is 30 days clean. The story with her this week was stronger, as she was used as the introduction for Burgess into the Colombian house. The last week she was in an episode it was fine, but the story this week makes that one look like wallpaper in comparison. She has real purpose here.

Of course after the Colombian tries to make Burgess do a line of coke, Nadia takes one for the team - destroying her 30 days of being clean. Is it the most unique twist/shock for a former user to have to use again? Nikita did something similar, and I've used the play in my own work.

There's a reason for that: it's effective. Lindsay walking Nadia in this time to the rehab place was a nice tug on the heartstrings, too.

Olinsky and Voight have become quite the shady cop pair lately, eh? Garbage disposal? Nice.

The Ruzek and Platt story this week of Platt recruiting Ruzek as her fake husband to please her dad and get money was desperately needed. Platt is way too cartoonish and hit and miss. When her unpredictable scenes work, they work and stand out.

When they don't - whether it's goofy writing, strange set ups or otherwise - they really don't.

This gave enough of a background on Platt to root the character in something that helps you accept her the way she is. Telling Ruzek how many guys she slept with was pretty funny too.

The inside of the Colombian house was shot well during the raid, with the man who had Nadia at gun point kicking the back door open behind him only to have Voight put a gun to his head.

They can't catch the one guy - making Ruzek and Jay look like pretty bad cops who can't corner a guy in a narrow kitchen. Anyway, they end up finding the money.

IA shows up right after, leading to the question of who the informant is for them. Safe guess is the new detective, but that seems too easy.

The twist comes at the end of the episode where the commander tells Antonio and Voight that the case has been transferred and they're letting out "Pulpo" as bait - aka the man who kidnapped Antonio's son.

I'm praying to the TV gods that Pulpo ends here - either he has to die next or be locked away for good.

This is a perfect time to play this card for Chicago PD, but if it's left opened-ended Pulpo will overstay his welcome.

All in all, a strong Chicago PD episode. The main story was intriguing, successfully connecting a side character story (Lindsay/Nadia) while at the same time bringing back another (Pulpo). Bring on the crossover episode(s)!

Photo Credit: TV Guide