TV Review: Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 21 "One More Shot"

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Chicago Fire featured the return of a few familiar faces, one new face, and the acceleration of some stories.

Let's start with Boden. This was interesting to me.

This story of course is following up on the cliffhanger with Donna telling him that she's pregnant with his child.

There is a general consensus between the two of them that Boden should be involved and in the child's life.

After a horrible "proposal" and a pep talk with Mills, Boden proposes correctly in front of Donna's kids in her class in formal Firefighter gear and she says yes.

Now this is interesting. Boden/Donna pretty much went through an entire arc in this episode.

With this being the episode before the finale, they could have ended it at the bad "proposal" and then spend part of the finale and part of season 3 having Boden "win her over".

Whether they think there isn't enough story or they're trying to throw off the audience by ending a story quicker than anticipated, they decided not to go that route.

It works the way they have it, and there certainly is enough story with the entire pregnancy.

We're introduced to a new character who replaces Clark: Rick Newhouse (guest star Edwin Hodge). We learn he grew up in a tough neighborhood and he is kind of a private investigator as a side gig, which is intriguing.

It is sort of implied that Mills might want to use his services later to locate someone. I'm interested to see if anything happens with that.

Shay was all over this episode. She had the best line of the night "new job, new hub...bub"...hilarious.

She kicked around proposal ideas with Casey, while Casey asked Antonio for permission to marry Dawson. Shay and Severide dealt with the return of her ex fling Devon, who ransacked their old apartment. She brings back $500 in cash and the memorabilia she took from Otis.

Naturally, Otis and Severide are skeptical of Shay doing anything with the girl for fear of being taken advantage of. Devon says she stole everything to help her father post bail.

That seemed a little flimsy to me. Then again, I think what it boils down to is what Severide said:

"it's about her being a liar"

It might be a flimsy excuse because maybe she's lying about that too. Who knows. I can't see very far ahead here with this character returning, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Dawson had a major role in this episode as well.

After experiencing the sexist Firehouse she'd have to go to if she passed her Firefighter test, she still wants to go through with it.

If you read these reviews you know how I'd prefer to have the character go to/prep for med school.

However, it was pretty cool the way it panned out. The episode ends with Shay and Dawson delivering a baby, and then Mills taking over while Casey drives her over in the Firetruck just in time for her to start the test and disappear into the smoke container. Obviously not being able to stay at 51 if she passes and becomes a Firefighter heightens the tension.

Unfortunately, if she passes and moves on, it kills so much about what works. Hello characters in dramas graduating high school or switching hospitals.

The payoff just isn't there for her to finally achieve this goal of hers if she has to leave all the people who would be proud.

Now, if they somehow make it so Dawson passes her test but ends up staying at 51 with another unforeseen consequence, I am all for it. I just think shipping her character to a different house (even temporarily) does the character a great disservice.

If she does pass, I'm waiting for something big next season to pull her back - something like Shay getting hurt and Dawson getting upset that she wasn't there to help her.

Let's wait until the finale next week to see if she even passes.

All in all, this episode did the job it had to do. It introduced a big part of what the finale will have (the verdict on Dawson's test, the proposal, etc.), as well as some intrigue that could trickle into next season (Mills using Newhouse for help finding someone, Donna/Boden pregnancy, etc).

I give season finales a lot of responsibility - Chicago Fire especially.

The episode should be big, both in the calls they go on as well as the emotional arcs. I'm ready for them to knock it out of the park.

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