TV Review: Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 18 "Until Your Feet Leave The Ground"

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Chicago Fire is back after a week off. There were many segmented stories, so I will break them up as such.

Call 1: Call 1 involved a standard fire, or so it seemed. The group found a guy compressed between two brick buildings, where he had to be cut out. It was a pretty unique call for a show that does them so often.

I'd like to see someone trapped in cement next.

Crush injuries or being trapped for long periods of time are interesting ways to have to get rescued because the Firefighter's can't just pull you out - sort of like being pinned up against a tree with a car.

Mouch, Otis, Cruz, Severide, Mills, and the rest of the boys: The boys helped Mouch tweak his online dating profile - including replacing the advice from Shay (who Mills points out is a lesbian telling Otis what she looks for in a man).

This has the majority of the humor in this episode, which included a fake date with Mouch and Cruz where he showed just how rusty he was.

Severide and Injured Firefighter: Severide goes to bat for the injured Firefighter from Denver we met last episode after he gets a DUI. After doing some digging, it turns out his sadness goes deeper than just being injured.

This rang true for a character with substance abuse problems, and gave him more depth than just your average recurring character. He ends up going to rehab in the end, so who knows how much more he'll be around.

There was a call this week that had a jumper.

If anyone read the original pilot script, they had a similar scenario in the pilot that didn't end up making it to screen, complete with Severide tackling him like he does here.

I'm glad they worked it into an episode - it was a pretty badass move.

Casey and Dawson: The bombshell of Dawson telling Jones about her father's plans comes into play early in this episode. The riff that it causes between them has Casey saying that maybe they should stop looking for places to move.

This is right before Dawson and Shay take a road trip together.

It was smart lining up and timing for the show, because not only were Casey and Dawson apart emotionally for most of the episode, they were apart physically . This only compounds the longing the audience has for them to reconcile.

The road trip was okay - any time you get scenes with just the two of them there is a certain kind of energy and chemistry you don't have with any other character on the show. Being away from everyone sort of showcased that.

Dawson was upset over Casey, and they witness the couple they rented the cabin from fight. And then the husband gets hit by a car, and they're thrown into action.

Not much was revealed, and I felt like they could have had some higher stakes. The House/Wilson road trip to Atlantic City in House was epic.

That revealed why House was who he was for the first time - he also helped a patient die to save his son.

Shay and Dawson aren't House, but I felt like something deeper could have been revealed. Pining for Casey, while it works on a physical and emotional level being away, isn't as dramatic as it could have been.

Speaking of House, it looks like there is a similar scenario going on soon with Jones committing suicide.

House had an episode with Kutner committing suicide seemingly out of the blue.

Jones committing suicide wasn't out of the blue, but like House, the show will probably commit the majority of next episode to having everyone try and understand why.

All in all, a pretty standard episode of Chicago Fire. It went down easy - the stakes weren't too high. It looks like next episode is going to be uniquely filled with high tension. I'm looking forward to it.

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