TV Review: 'Catfish' MTV: Tracie Thoms and Sammie Recap

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Catfish is back at it this week with a strange episode involving actress Tracie Thom (her Instagram - She's known for The Devil Wears Prada and Death Proof).

It feels a little like this episode went in a strange direction, maybe they should just stick to the love stories.

Anyways, Tracie is not a huge celebrity, but is concerned over a wierdo stalker fan named Sammie who faked a Twitter account with cancer. Just like the last episode, this one does not involve romance.

Complicated twitter accounts, bizarre interactions, which is par for the course on Catfish except this one did not really grab me right away.

These kind of Catfish episodes are just not as fun and if this is the new direction for the show, it's going to lose a lot of audience.

Anyways, Nev an Max do their searching and meet up with another actress Marissa... meaning that Sammie is all over these vague celebrities.

Sammie writes scary poems and letter to Marissa. It really starts to get weird with the level of intensity Sammie brings to the table.

They sit down Sammie to answer for what she has done and the seriousness of that kind of deception. I bet this kind of thing has A LOT more than we ever hear about.

Admit it, we all have Tweeted to a celeb from time to time, this is just a girl that has taken it to an extreme level. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.