TV Review: 'Catfish' MTV: Lucille & Kidd Cole Recap

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Catfish is back and this is a good one. Lucille falls for what sounds like a scam with a rapper named Kidd Cole, real name 'Jerez Coleman' ( we think this might be his new Twitter).

Lucille somehow falls into being a manager for Kidd Cole (first dealing with Miguel) and gets invoices for all kinds of things like room service, hotels, and security that he never paid.

He is also pitching that he works a lot with Kanye West and other major artists when he really doesn't.

Nev and Max are on the case. And you got to love Lucille... she really is determined not only to figure out who Kidd Cole is, but to bring the fraud to light.

Sure she was gullible, but sweet at the same time. And don't forget, not only does she get scammed, but so do a bunch of other businesses.

The guys start digging in and there are already scams being reported online for the guy in the DC area (scam page). He even has an arrest record for fraud, as discovered by the first person who got scammed. They get in touch with him on the phone and set-up a meeting in a park. So it obviously really is this guy, he just doesn't think they're meeting for the same reason. He thinks they want to know about his [fake] music.

Then they start to call him out on all this and it starts to get good. Nev even throws his phone into the ocean when he shows disrespect during the whole process.

That was awesome Nev, big fan of that move. The moment didn't look that staged either, which is nice.

He then tells them that he has a studio session the next day and invites them to it. Turns out it is a really nice studio and then they start to play some music for them. But Max uses Shazam and the music turns out to be someone elses.

It's a sloppy charade and they are trying to pull another fast one on the Catfish crew. It's pretty easy to tell that they are not what they say they are.

Good effort I guess but it's really just sad that he couldn't come and admit it outright.

The ceiling drops and Kidd Cole has no where to run. They call him out blatantly and directly. He pathetically keeps denying it until he finally breaks down and talks about his rough past...

but never apologizes. Lucille really sets him straight and shows tremendous strength.

The sad thing here is that this is a REALLY creative scam. Why can't people like this use their intelligence for good? At this point, the identity of Kidd Cole has pretty much been erased from the web other than the scam page.

We think he might be on Twitter now as @ColePushaz. The only difference is that that account has a ton of followers and seems sort of legit. What do we think about that account?