TV Review: 'Catfish' MTV: Antoinette & Albert Recap

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Catfish is back and this was quite an interesting one. Antoinette (whose instagram is here) is a bit of an online exhibitionist.

Beyond her racy posts, she started an online relationship with "T-Lights", a rapper that has a decent following on social media, and now because of MTV, has a much bigger following. They developed a very intense online relationship and whereas she never video chatted with him, she is pretty obsessed.

It does seem crazy that this admittedly hot girl, is turning to Instagram for love... but anyways.

Niev and Max do their research and believe that Antoinette may be talking to Alberts brother, who is married. That puts the hosts into a sticky situation, as popping in on a marriage could ruin this brothers life...

which is unlike any other Catfish episode before. However, if he really was talking to this girl, he is really ruining his own life. Fair enough.

So 'T-Lights' is having a show that he is promoting, and they then make the decision to go and meet up with the mystery person. Hilariously, Niev and Max seem shocked the whole time that Antoinette has gone through all this, when it would be pretty easy for her to meet guys and find real life love. But because she says 'Like' every third word, she certainly represents the new media generation where online love is not out of the question.

The funny part is that if this girl showed up to this concert without any conversation, this rapper would easily pick her out of the crowd... although it probably wouldn't be for a "relationship". Especially with that little black dress.

Beyond that, Albert's band 'The Twenties' is pretty terrible from the few seconds that played (yes I said it), and a pretty suspenseful moment grows when they go to confront the rapper.

Niev approaches and is not mic'ed up (which is silly but definitely gets the heart bumping) and not only is the rapper there at the show, but the brother is too.

And what's the verdict?? It really is the rapper. Good for Antoinette and good for a real solid love connection. Turns out this rapper seems to be a bit shy and for the first time this season, a love connection is made.

In fact, the rapper thought she was a catfish. Go figure. Have like, a great like, like relationship together.