TV Review: Archer: "Palace Intrigue, Part II" 5x11

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Picking up where last week left off, ISIS is stuck at Gustavo Calderon's (Fred Armisen) palace in San Marco as the rebels are shooting mortars, destroying the whole place.

In Palace of Intrigue, Part II, there really isn't a whole lot that actually happens. But what I've noticed about Archer is that it doesn't always have to be doing something big and explosive and...well...stupid to be one of the funniest shows on TV right now.

You can just put these people in a room together and let them rip each other part and even that could be an entertaining episode. That's not what happens here, but still...that'd be a damn funny episode.

With the mortar fire slowing, the members of ISIS along with Calderon all wonder the same question -- where is Archer? And where is Calderon's wife, Juliana (Lauren Cohan)? Right on cue, Archer and Juliana exit the pantry after...well you know. One of Calderon's generals requests that he needs more reinforcements to fight the rebel army, letting it out that Calderon has a whole battalion of men at the airport picking up the one million Cherlene records that he's purchased.

With both Juliana and Cherlene humiliated, Juliana is about to say that her an Archer had se---only for Archer to shoot his gun and disrupt the moment. He shoots Cyril in the chest but...who cares? It's Cyril!

Lucky for Cyril though, he's wearing a kevlar vest since every time they're in Latin America, Archer shoots him. Lana decides to leave and get the hell out of San Marcos, and in the process lets it slip that he "banged" Calderon's first lady. Malory, upset at Stirling, kicks him.

Hard. Where a man shouldn't be kicked. Realizing that it's either leave now or feel the wrath of an insane wrath of Calderon and Juliana, Malory figures its time for everyone to leave.

Pam asks about Krieger to which everyone responds the same -- who cares? Krieger, watching in a room elsewhere in the palace, cries after hearing he's not wanted by his "friends." With three Krieger-clones behind him, Krieger decides to join them instead of going back to ISIS -- CLONE BONE! After realizing that his Krieger-clones are...pretty much him after finding out they've created a frog child...he realizes he's home. Elsewhere in the palace, Cyril has been put on a mission to find an escape vehicle while choosing to mock and make fun of Malory.

Lucky for him, he stumbles into Calderon's garage and Cyril decides -- if he had to do it all over, he'd be a dictator. After several moments of contemplating the perfect car -- he finds what he's looking for.

Malory and Ray wait at the front doors waiting for the rest of ISIS so they can get out of San Marcos for good. Sterling and Lana meet them at the bottom while Pam, from the top of the stairs, drops all of Malory's suitcases down the stairs. Following behind, Cherlene is fighting off Calderon who is trying to win her affection back.

Calderon claims that he'll divorce his wife for Cherlene, pissing off Juliana.

Juliana takes out her gun, preparing to shoot Calderon.

When she says that Archer was the last one inside her, Calderon takes out his gun and fires -- only for Pam to jump in front of Archer to take the bullet for him.

Everyone surrounds Pam in what seems to be genuine fear for her life. Calderon, sad he shot Pam, decides to finish the job and shoot Archer.

But Cherlene to the rescue as she smashes her guitar over Calderon's head, and then goes after Juliana using her guitar to deflect Juliana's bullets.

Pam gets back up from being shot and reveals she's wearing Cyril's bulletproof vest...which ends up being pointless since once it's used it's pretty much "just a sweater vest." With Juliana and Cherlene still fighting, Calderon gets everyone's attention and divorces Juliana and marries of the powers of being a dictator.

He places the rest of ISIS under arrest as Krieger watches on as his clones are building...some sort of nuclear weapon. Calderon's men storm into the palace, letting Calderon know that the rebels have broken through the counterattack. A tank then crashes into the palace but it's not the rebels at the door -- it's Cyril with the escape vehicle.

Malory is, as always, displeased with Cyril's choice. But it doesn't matter -- Calderon's men surrender to Cyril and the tank.

There's a reason Archer is one of TV's best comedies -- it doesn't matter if they change the format...the people in the show are the funniest part and all of the crazy shenanigans they get into. They go into San Marcos hoping to make some money only to find themselves trying to escape San Marcos in a tank. Chelene finds herself a married woman to a dictator who didn't give her much of a choice.

And Krieger now has three Krieger-brothers with a frog child. Could this show really get any better? With two episodes left of Archer: Vice, I honestly cannot wait to see just how exactly this all ends.