TV Recap: Penny Dreadful, What Death Can Join Together, Episode 6

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In the sixth episode of Penny Dreadful, Sir Malcolm and Vanessa Ives discuss what happened with Fenton and how he saw its master. He is also at odds with Ives as he feels that her efforts just aren't cutting it.

Meanwhile, Ethan returns home after spending the night with Dorian Gray.

He finds Brona lying in bed, in her normal sickly state as she coughs up blood.

As he lies next to her, she apologizes for what she said to him at the theater to which he responds, "I love you with all my heart."

Ives turns to her cards for information and hears a voice that sounds like Mina Harker whispering, "Help me." Ives also hears the screams of men that seem to be emanating from a painting. That seems to be a foreshadowing of what is to come with Gray.

She goes directly to Sir Malcolm's room and says that the cards suggested a ship and something terrible happening.

Gray appears and apologizes for disappearing from the theater, while asking her to go on an adventure with him.

At this point Penny Dreadful has returned to its multiple storylines unlike the previous episode that completely revolved around Vanessa and Mina.

Dr. Frankenstein is now found examining Fenton's body as the story between Frankenstein and his first "son" is revisited.

The Creature is asked to fix the blood tube that the lead actress (also his love interest) uses on stage.

She shows him surprising kindness and even tells him a story about her brother, who after being in an accident became shy.

Frankenstein gives Sir Malcolm the news that Fenton's autopsy didn't reveal anything.

They conclude that his ability to signal the "master" was similar to a bats method of communication, thus further confirming that there will be an appearance by Dracula soon.

Following Frankenstein's' visit, Sembene asks Sir Malcolm if he's prepared for what has to be done, should Mina be in a state beyond help.

Gray arranges for Ives to be photographed. Gray tells her about his preference for paintings over photography and references eternity, which from the history of Dorian Gray we know resides in his deal to sell his soul.

The Creature leaves a "token of love" for the actress at her home.

She knows where it comes from and is surprisingly reacting in a way the Creature would not expect her to. He spies through a window as her mate and her kiss as he weeps.

Dr. Frankenstein begins to take notes on potential brides for the Creature as he watches a ballet company practice.


Van Helsing makes another appearance and he advises Frankenstein not to be controlled by his work.

Frankenstein speaks about "what death can join together" which intrigues Van Helsing and as to hear Frankensteins's story, but instead of granting him the story, he simply says "one day."

Before leaving for dinner with Gray, Ives stops to show Sir Malcolm her dress. He compliments her, but as soon as she leaves he and Sembene are seen leaving the house.

Ethan prepares for work and Brona advises him to keep a safe distance from her and but he gives her a kiss of reassurance. Sir Malcolm meets with Ethan and he tells him they're going to "explore a plague ship."

Dr. Van Helsing tells Frankenstein that Sir Malcolm doesn't fully know what he is looking for; he proceeds to tell him he killed his own wife by driving a stake through her heart and cutting off her head.

Ethan and Sir Malcolm have a discussion in which he expresses his concern for Brona. Malcolm offers to pay for an institution but Ethan does not want her in a place where people are waiting to die.

They approach a ship from Egypt that is in quarantine. He suspects "chicanery."

Gray finally tells Ives some of his story as they discuss religion and personal philosophies, being unique and the desire not to be lonely.

Dr. Van Helsing asks Frankenstein if he's ever heard of the word vampire.

He gives him a book about vampires from "a Penny Dreadful" and now we finally see where the title of the show comes from.

Dr. Van Helsing talks about a creature that fits the complete description of a vampire and Dracula in particular.

Meanwhile, Ives and Gray tours his collection of portraits. Ives particularly says that there are "things within us all that can never be unleashed." She may be speaking of something within herself or Gray however, that remains unclear.

Dr. Van Helsing educates Frankenstein on vampires' tendencies to move in a pack like wolves and never stay in the same location for long because they do not wish to be discovered.

Sir Malcolm and Ethan board the dark ship accompanied by Sembene.

They find women unconscious with sharp nails, none of whom appear to be Mina. Lurking beneath the ships hull is a vampire who appears to be asleep; finally this may be Dracula's appearance.

Dr. Van Helsing tells Frankenstein he gave him the information of vampires because he wants him to live a long life.

He thinks of Frankenstein as a son and a man who is capable of great things.

The Creature arrives to ruin Frankenstein's moment, grabbing Van Helsing and killing him by snapping his neck. The Creature warns Frankenstein the killing will continue until he creates his bride.

While Sir Malcolm does not find Mina, the mysterious vampire awakens, and with his awakening comes that of the others on the ship as well.

They begin to attack Sir Malcolm, Ethan and Semebene but they are unsuccessful as all of them are killed.

Ives and Gray quench their lust for each other in a violent manner that includes scratches and her cutting his chest and licking his blood (this is where it got super weird).

The vampire, who appears to be Dracula, makes his way to the top level of the ship and looks at Sir Malcolm showing him that he has Mina, but Sir Malcolm is out of their reach.

Ives hears a dark voice while in her passionate exchange with Gray. "Hello, my child. I've been waiting. What games we will have now," it spoke. Ives is terrified as she gathers her belongings and rushes out on Gray.

Ethan offers strong words of advice to Sir Malcolm on having more faith in the people he trusts, particularly Ives.

Gray pays his painting visit and in return it heals the wounds on his body.

Ives arrives home only to be greeted by Sir Malcolm.

As he begins to open up to her about everything that has transpired, she appears to be possessed. Ives throws her head back in the air and is suspended above the ground.

This episode was completely filled with creepy scenes and new character introductions. This is clearly the turning point in Penny Dreadful and things seem to be getting a lot clearer as this intensely terrifying and provocative show continues its run.

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