TV Recap: Million Dollar Listing NY - The Hamptons and Dancing

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Million Dollar Listing is back with the boys we love - Luis, Fredrik and Ryan making their way through the east coast real estate market.

And as always, the Fredrick and Luis drama continues on Wall St.. oh and Ryan tries to dance for his girlfriend.

The beginning of the episode gives a full flashback of the season and the episode kicks off with Ryan meeting with a developer who can also teach him to dance.

Fredik heads out to the Hamptons, which by the way is a terrible place unless you own one of the mansions out there. And even so, with the hurricanes as of late, owning a house in the Hamptons is seriously awful. Anyways, Fredrik has a shot at a huge development project which has the potential to be up to $150M... wow.

37 homes all together and that is some serious commission at over $2M. He throws a big Manhattan party to get the buzz flowing, though I think most people show up to these things to be on a Bravo show.

The funniest part of that situation is the co-lister Terry who is loud and possibly drunk most of the time.

Either way, Fredrik is still doing really amazing career-wise, now if only he can please his husband and agree to a freakin' kid.

Back to Ryan dancing. Close your eyes (even though it's hard to read while you do that) and picture a chimpanzee that accidentally walked through an ant colony and is trying to frantically brush them off. That is a pretty clear description of Ryan trying to dance. Then he takes it a step further by taking his girlfriend, who may or may not be a Bravo fame whore, to the park to show her that he can dance.

Of course the weird part is that he doesn't even dance with her, it's with some other woman... until he decides to dance with his girlfriend. It was actually kind of sweet.

Luis is still hustling with a new listing, though it turns out to be a tough sale. It's clear that no matter what happens, he is still the new kick on the block.

The past couple episodes were way too lovey dovey, so they end this episode with a solid argument between Luis and Fredrik with Ryan watching in the same room.

Fredik is still obsessed with having Luis be his understudy and it's clear that Luis isn't having it now that Ryan is involved. Good for you Luis, but it is getting very intense.

It looks like next weeks episode has Ryan proposing to his girlfriend... just kidding, that relationship is probably not going anywhere.