TV Recap: Big Bang Theory - The Gorilla Dissolution Engagement! Season 7 Episode 23 Review

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The Big Bang Theory finally has something interesting that happens. Penny and Leonard get engaged!

Now honestly, it was one of the most awkward engagements ever, but at the same time it was very sweet. And, it was a long time coming. In the episode, Penny and Will Wheaton get fired from a D Gorilla movie and it sends Penny into a re-think of her life.

The side story about Howard and Bernadette taking care of Howards mother is hilarious. They turn it into a 'how would you be as parents' moment.

But getting back to the big news. Big Bang Theory is in it's 7th season and usually around this time, sitcoms tend to have problems keeping the story good... think 'The Office'.

Big Bang Theory got picked up for another 3 seasons, so that implies that they will be packed with marriages, kids, and the next phase of life.... which fundamentally changes the show.

The good news, is that nerd humor can thrive in that kind of environment.

So yes, I am worried that Big Bang Theory will start to fall now that Leonard and Penny are engaged. At the same time, it is a long overdue and great plot twist that will give the writers a new avenue to come up with story lines.

Be prepared for a few episodes of will they or won't they get married.