Tubby Gopher Gets Stuck In Own Hole - Rescued

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A new viral sensation has been uploaded to YouTube featuring a gopher stuck in a hole in the middle of a dirt road. The dashcam captures the moment when the driver spots the little guy and stops the car.

They expect the little guy to run out of the way of the car but he seems to be stuck. The couple both get out to investigate, camera in hand.

The driver and passenger both get out and find a tad over-weight gopher stuck in his own hole. The gopher is panicking (rightly so) as the giant human mammals approach.

The couple grabs a towel as to not hurt the animal and pulls him free of the hole. And how does the gopher re-pay the people who freed him and saved his life?

The gopher runs away in utter terror. No surprise on that one though, the gopher most likely thought he was the next meal. Check out the video, what would you have done?

This video seems to be out-doing the 2-year-old ALS ice bucket challenge video that went big a few days ago.