True Life Recap: 'I'm In A Forbidden Relationship,' When Parents Disaprove

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The hit show MTV's True Life is returned tonight with an episode titled "I'm in a Forbidden Relationship."

The first couple on tonight's show is Samantha (25) and Cody (23). The two believe they are meant with each other. They met about a year ago when Samantha found comfort after her alcohol related car accident.

Samantha's mother is highly questioning of Cody due to the fact they still go out drinking. Both her mom and best friend think Cody is being unfaithful as well.

The other couple is a bit older and consists of Brandon (29) and Tera (29). They met each other in Tacoma and hit it off. When Brandon moved back to Louisiana he brought Tera with him.

But due to their over the top fights in which cops were called once Brandon's family paid for Tera to leave.

But now she is back the family and the couple must decide if it is going to all work out.

Both Samantha's mother and Cody met alone to discuss a lot of the issues raised. It seems like the two came to a bit of an understanding.

But Samantha's mother is still skeptical because she has heard this reasonable side of Cody before. Now will these good times last?

Brandon and Tera on the other hand aren't having a good time. When Brandon went to his uncle for approval he was denied approval of Tera. Unfortunately Tera's only place to live happens to be a storage container.

Brandon is forced to sneak her into his father's home to sleep. This hiding game can't last it is up to Brandon to win over his Uncle's trust.

As it turns out Samantha and Cody felt strong enough about there relationship to the next level. Cody proposed on Samantha's birthday after a couple drinks. As soon as Samantha went home though her mother was anything but accepting.

Even her sister got into a physical fight. Not a dream birthday by any means.

Things didn't get better for Samantha because her mom kicked her out of the house. Cody was of course there for her and rescued her hell at home.

The two now are forced to look for a home on their own or possibly separate for good.

Tera couldn't be there for Brandon though and she fled the scene. Brandon admitted that he was glad to move on.

The two haven't spoke in 2 months and he hasn't seen anyone new. The relationship with his father and uncle was saved.

Samantha and Cody went apartment shopping and were dying to be alone. But the cost proved to much and the two are renting in a friend's house for 700 dollars.

She is now working at a fitness studio. Although her relationship with Cody has deepened her mother has cut all ties.

Check back here later for video updates on the couples.

The show is currently in its 16th season and has just been renewed for 4 more starting next year.

(Preview Below)

This episode specifically looks at subjects in love in which the parents of one of the individuals in the relationship disapproves of.

In fact in the preview one of the couples aren't even allowed to be in the parents house with one another.

So what happens when your parents disapprove? That is the question 2 couples on tonight's episode answered. For anyone out there with problems True Life is a good place to find solutions.

The world is constantly changing and this show updates young people with a varying amount of complex issues. Issues that may not have easy answers.

Whenever parents try to command their children it might be a attempt to bring control and order in the household. But young love is complex and strong so the fight for a significant other can get pretty nasty.

MTV isn't shy of confrontation and this episode is certainly going to bring about some of that.

It's interesting to see what problems these parents have with their son or daughters relationship choices.

Is he or she not successful? Are they violent? Or maybe they have a strange hobby or job? You'll have to tune in in order to see.

Check back here for updates on each couple and the parents who seek to destroy them.