True Blood 'May Be The Last Time' Episode 7 Season 7 Recap

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It's been one death after the next so far in this finale season of True Blood, but finally we see some hope for our favorite characters.

The episode opened with Amber in chains and being interrogated by Eric, Pam and Gus. Did anyone else find it extremely annoying that Amber was all the sudden totally loyal to her sister, Sarah Newlin? Sure Sarah, or Newmi (whatever), cured her from Hep V but c'mon... she despised her sister up to this point.

Anyways, after Amber revealed that Sarah was the cure, Eric lost his temper and staked her. Typical.

Now the hunt for Sarah Newton has become an even bigger deal because Gus wants to synthesize her blood and create New Blood (clever) to sell to Hep V positive Vamps, with Eric as the smoking hot spokesman of course.

In other news, Bills condition is progressing rapidly because of the fact that Sookie is part Fae. I find that hilariously ironic that Sookie is literally going to be the death of Bill.

It seems fitting though. Team Bill fans can rejoice however because it looks like the chances of them being together in the end are likely after a hot, and slightly disturbing Hep V veins everywhere, reunion.

Hoyt returns to town with his new gal Bridget for his mother's funeral. Arlene greets him at Bellefleur's and is totally confused when Hoyt doesn't know who Jason is. Let's not forget that Jessica wiped his memory of the two of them because he desperately wanted to forget the heartache.

*tear* Anyway, Jason comes to meet him and can't keep his eyes off of Bridget. Keep it in your pants Jason and let poor Hoyt have the hot girl for once, geez.

The two lovebirds, Adilyn and Wade, are taken to a weird sex dungeon room of some sorts by Violet who obviously has alternative plans but the horny teenagers are too naive to notice. This leads to the two awkwardly trying out some of the toys Violet provided but are both relieved when they realize that neither one of them is into it. Thank goodness.

Good things don't always last though. As soon as the sun went down and the teenager love making was over, Violet revealed her true nature and chained Adilyn to the bed with purple fluffy handcuffs.

Jessica immediately awakes and runs out of the house to, which we can only assume, Adilyn's aid. We have to wait until next week to see what happens with that though.

Arlene is having sexy dreams about Keith but when he actually shows up to her place after "feeling" her sadness, she delivers the news that they can't have sex because she is Hep V positive.

Keith, making us swoon for him even more, replies with "Then let's just dance." Arlene deserves a sweet vampire like Keith, right? I just hope he stays that way.

Sam is struggling with the ultimatum that Nicole gave him to either leave with her or to lose her and his unborn daughter. Sorry but if I were Sam I would take the chance to get out of that crazy town in a heartbeat. Sarah Newlin returns to the old institute, which is probably the worst hideout ever.

It's clear that being on the run isn't treating her well when she starts to have hallucinations of her ex-lovers, all of whom have died by the way (except Jason). Her hallucination of him tells her that "death comes for us all" and that she is "going to die tonight".

Meanwhile, Gus has located her via satellite and they are heading her way, so her hallucinations might not be far off.

Although this was more of a transitional episode, I was very satisfied with the developments and it was nice having a break from all the deaths that have been occurring.
Next week's episode All Tied Up airs on Sundays @ 9 on HBO.