Is Travis Scott Reacting Glass John's Comments on Rihanna's ANTI Album Delay?

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We all know that Travis Scott isn't afraid to speak his mind or let fans and followers know what he is feeling.

However, his recent tweet could be a cryptic message detailing his feelings on the statements that were made by songwriter Glass John, regarding the delay of Rihanna's ANTI album.

Scott not only tweeted the angry emoji's but also posted them to his Facebook page.

The tweet is pretty cryptic as there aren't really any words that accompany it, however, the red angry emoji's might be revealing Scott's anger towards the comments made by Glass John, who accused Scott as the reason to why Rihanna's ANTI album keeps getting delayed.

John not only accused Scott for the delay, he also said that he was putting things in Rihanna's head and threatened to beat him up.

The entire mix-up seems more like love triangle issues more than album release issues and we could see how Scott would be angered over someone calling him out over social media.

Fans of Scott had to deal with their own fair shares of delays when it came to the release of his Rodeo album.

That being said, Rihanna has yet to come out and speak on the delay of the album and whether or not Scott is actually to blame.

Scott has had a huge year especially with the ongoing success of his single "Antidote." Only time will tell as to when Rihanna's ANTI album will be released and who really is to be blamed for the delay.