Travie McCoy, Trent Shelton, and Rev Run Inspire on Twitter

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Fame can be an intoxicating lifestye, and in America we love to watch and see how our celebrities handle it.

On the one hand, you have stars like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus who choose to live wild and treat everyday like a party.

On the other hand you have stars like Trent Shelton, who began as an NFL player and now lives to inspire others.

Other stars have also gotten into the act of primarily inspiring others, and their vehicle of choice? Social media.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all become a facilitator of the messages they are getting across. For instance, Gym Class Heros front-man Travie McCoy is consistently promoting and shouting out other indie artists like New Politics:

Other stars like Rev Run from Run DMC and Run's House, uses Twitter heavily to not only preach a religious lifestyle, but also speak about diseases and living a better life.

He even has the word 'wisdom' in his Twitter handle.

But the most prolific by far has been Trent Shelton, who gained his followers primarily through his messages, not through football. Trent is consistently active on all platforms and can be seen both preaching and giving general advice.

He also actively creates videos to express his opinions, his most recent video is about staying focused and avoiding distractions.

Trent has also created a successful career for himself as a motivational speaker and has been travelling the country giving talks about being a better person.