Sicily, Italy: What to do [2022]

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Traveling to Sicily, Italy? Sicily is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Italy. Aside from featuring natural environments, the region features festivals and events all-year long.



Activities for Sicily, Italy

Here are some general activity recommendations for Sicily.

  • Visit the Godfather movie locations

    One of the most exciting tours you can book in Italy is the Godfather tour. In this tour you can get to see the real-life locations that were used to film the iconic award-winning film.

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  • Get up close with a volcano

    Another exciting tour is a chance for you to visit the active volcano known as Mount Etna. You get a ride in a fancy jeep during this particular trip.

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  • Learn to cook delicious Italian cuisine

    The Sicilian cooking class is a great way to learn how to cook like professional Italian chefs. In this class, you get to prepare your own 3-course meal!

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  • Try yummy street food

    If you cannot cook, you can book the Street Food tour. It is here where you can see Palermo’s lively dining scene featuring tons of food locations.

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What to do in Sicily, Italy by month

Already know when you're traveling?


What to do in Sicily in January:

At the beginning fo the year, most Europe of elebrates Epiphany (January 6th). This holiday brings with it lively events all over Sicily.

Another January event that's worth checking out is Carnival of Acireale. This carnival is one of the oldest in the world and includes parades, floats, lights and more in the streets of Sicily.

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What to do in Sicily in February:

In February, Sicily celebrates St. Agatha’s Feast Day. This is a weeklong celebration celebrating Saint Agatha. Usually traditional and sicilian folkloristic events happen at this time of year.

For film fans, consider the very unique Godfather Tour. In this tour you will see sites and locations linked to both real-life mafia events, and those seen in the Godfather movies. A great day to learn more about the mafia and its film history.

Another February event is the Almond Blossom Festival. At this event, Sicilian sweets made with almonds are served to people. The event also coincides with the international folklore festival that also features live music, fireworks, parades and more.

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What to do in Sicily in March:

In March, Sicilians celebrate St. Joseph's Feast Day, dedicated to San Giuseppe, who saved people from famine. In celebration of this, people have food events all over the region including special pastries, breads, and dinners.

If you visit at the right time, you may also be able to experience Carnevale. In Sicily, there are giant parades with floats and flowers that spill into the streets. Many believe that Sicily's Carnevale celebration is the most beautiful on earth.

Finally, for some adventure, take the Mt. Etna Jeep Tour. This volcano is Europe's highest active one and you can head up in a jeep to see lava flows and extinct craters. You'll get a spectacular view of the volcano!

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What to do in Sicily in April:

The April weather is great for a walking tour, and what's better than a street food tour. As the name suggests, this is a walking tour where you will get a chance to taste a variety of different street food from all over Palermo. Some of the foods you will encounter are stuffed rice balls and chickpea fritters.

If you love cheese, check out the Ricotta Festival. This is a festival that you should attend if you love all things about cheese. It's held in the town of Vizzini, where the streets are filled with yummy treats are there for you to try.

Another event that is celebrated in Sicily is St George's Day on April 23rd. This is a day where you will see music and dance performances as well as lots of food stalls and more. A long procession is also held during this period.

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What to do in Sicily in May:

Springtime in Sicily is magical.  If you like flowers, consider attending the Infiorata & Baroque Spring Festival. This is a flower art festival that features famous works from many people around the world. Aside from art, the festival also includes parades, performances, music and more.

Another famous event that happens in Italy is Gustissimo and the Manifestazioni Garibaldine. This is an event that celebrates the anniversary of the Landing of the Thousand on May 11. You can expect to see parades, music, street food and much more.

If you are into cooking, you may want to book a Sicilian Cooking Class. With a professional cook by your side, you can cook a Sicilian three-course meal in this class. You will get to taste your cooking with wine at the end!

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What to do in Sicily in June:

June is a great time to go sailing, and what better way to do that than a sailing tour of Taormina Bay. Taormina is one of the beautiful locations that you can see in Sicily. Swimming and snorkeling is also a part of this tour.

A fun event that you can attend in June is the The Festival of Maletto Strawberry. As the name suggests, this is a festival all about strawberries. A strawberry cake is offered to visitors. Other food at the festival includes fruit, ice-cream and even pasta and pizza.

If you like all things wine, you may want to attend the Inycon Menfi event. This is a great chance for you to taste test a wide variety of local wines from many different vineyards and more.

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What to do in Sicily in July:

If you arrive in Sicily in June or July, you may get to experience the annual Taormina Filmfest. The film fest is set in an open-air cinema showing prestigious films from all around the world. Musical performances in dance and theatre can also be seen.

July is also a great time to visit the  Zingaro Reserve and San Vito Lo Capo. These are two of the most beautiful locations in all of Sicily featuring scenic beaches, turquoise waters, great food places and more.

Finally, for food lovers, don't miss the Festival of Mediterranean Street Food. Usually happening in late July, this event allows you to try lots of Mediterranean street food in Trapani. There is no shortage of markets for you to eat at in this multi-day festival.

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What to do in Sicily in August:

August is a great time to visit Sicily, but there are bound to be huge crowds.  Nevertheless, there are some great, less touristy events, if you know where to look.

If you love indie music, you may want to attend the Ypsigrock Music Festival. This event is held at Castelbuono featuring many artists from around the world. Worth going for all alt-rock fans.

If you are not into alternative rock, check out the Taranta Sicily Fest instead. This is a unique music festival that is dedicated to southern Italian folk music. Music, folk dancing and more is offered for the warm Summer nights.

Finally, do some exploring at Mount Etna and Alcantara. In this full day tour, you can see the sights of the Mount Etna volcano, as well as visit the beautiful looking Alcantara Gorges. This is a fun tour for those that like nature.

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What to do in Sicily in September:

September starts to get quieter in Sicily.  But there are still plenty of unique events to visit. One such event is the Cous Cous festival in September. This usually happens every year for 9 days, and it's pretty much a whole festival dedicated to Cous Cous. Aside from Cous Cous, music and a carnival are also present. Another fun event that you can attend in September is the Sherbeth Festival. This is a a three day event where you can eat lots of Gelato. This event usually occurs in the area of Cefalù. In the evening, try the Evening Food Tour. This is what is described as you have a full evening getting a chance to eat lots of food. You will explore evening street food with a guide while learning more about the history of the area.

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What to do in Sicily in October:

October in Sicily is still a great time to be outside.  A great way to experience the outdoors is a boat tour. This is a small group tour from Trapani where you can get to explore the beautiful looking Egadi Islands.

If you're a food lover, you may want to see the Sagra del Miele (honey festival). This festival is located at  Sortino, Syracuse and it features honey and honey-type dishes for you to try out.

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What to do in Sicily in November:

If you visit Sicily in early November, you'll get to experience a Christian holiday called All Saints' Day. Markets around Sicily are held all around the city where you can buy traditional sweets and other delicacies at the festival.

If you're a chocolate lover, you're in luck during November, because ChocoModica, the annual chocolate festival, takes place! This festival is held at the town of Modica and it includes tons of events involving all things chocolate.

One tour that is sure to be unique is getting a chance to visit an actual Medieval Castle. This is a full day tour of the castle of Caccamo and Cefalù from Palermo. You will also get a chance for free time to shop and have some nice lunch.

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What to do in Sicily in December:

December brings Christmas events all over Italy. The traditional events include Christmas markets and religious ceremonies.

For something different, try a Baroque Tour. You get a chance to visit baroque villages around Syracuse. Along the way you visit Modica to sample some delicious chocolate desserts.

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