Review: Hampton Inn and Suites, North Conway, New Hampshire

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For an outdoor adventure, I decided to take the family (including the dog) to the mountains.

We chose to stay at the Hampton Inn and Suites in North Conway, New Hampshire, and in this article, I'm going to review it.

Was the Hampton Inn and Suites, North Conway worth the price? What was the quality of the accommodation? Read on to find out...

Why the Hampton Inn and Suites, North Conway?

We chose North Conway, New Hampshire as a travel destination because it's right at the base of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

The location is great for outdoor activities, and it's relatively easy to get to from Boston and even New York.

There are some amazing scenic drives, as well as outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and trekking for the whole family.

I chose the Hampton Inn and Suites in North Conway for two main reasons: it is dog friendly and it's relatively cheap.  

I booked the hotel through the Capital One travel portal, which gives a travel credit of $300.

I was able to use this credit to offset some of the cost of the hotel, which cost an average of almost $250/night during my stay there.

This is pretty shocking compared to pre-pandemic pricing: this is still the off-season, and I stayed in a similar room at the same hotel before the pandemic for $99/night.

I have previously stayed at the nearby Red Jacket Mountain View hotel, which is also dog friendly; however, it turns out this hotel partially burned down days before my stay, so I wasn't able to go there.  

Hampton Inn and Suites, North Conway Location & Property

The Hampton Inn and Suites, North Conway is located ideally along the main road at the entrance to the old town.

It's on the closer end to the Kankamangus Highway, which takes you into the mountains and to all of the falls.

There are several restaurants nearby, including some fast food fare for the kids (McDonalds, Taco Bell) as well as sit-down restaurants.  There are also plenty of activities and shopping options nearby.  

The property itself is rather small, with one main building that spans 3 floors.  There is a good amount of parking on the lot, although the parking lot can get pretty full at high times.

One of the biggest draws to this particular property is the mini water park onsite.  Water parks are clearly a big draw as several North Conway area hotels have them. 

The one at the Hampton Inn and Suites consists of a pool with different sections, a hot tub, and three water slides.

Access to the water park is included in your room rate, although you are required to sign a lengthy waiver to get access.

The water park at the Hampton Inn and Suites North Conway

Our kids found the water slides to be a lot of fun, although the pools can get crowded -- and a bit dirty -- at certain times of day.

The water park isn't as large and elaborate as the Great Wolf Lodge, for example, but it is sufficient for kids.

Hampton Inn and Suites, North Conway Room

We stayed in a standard level room.  The room size is adequate, and I found it to be pretty clean.  The beds are reasonably comfortable given the hotel class.

The Hampton Inn and Suites bedroom

The bathrooms are a good size, although they did seem a bit dated, and there was some visible yellowing on the wall. 

The Hampton Inn and Suites bathroom sink

The Hampton  and Suites bathroom

The Hampton Inn and Suites tub

This is consistent with it's quality class, and even with the flaws, I found it to be one of the cleanest and most well-updated hotels in the area.

Hampton Inn and Suites, North Conway Food and Service

Hampton Inns include breakfast in all rates. The breakfast at the Hampton Inn and Suites North Conway, while basic, is reasonably good for the price.

Breakfast offerings are waffles, a pre-cooked egg patty, yogurts, cereals, juices, muffins, and toast. You wouldn't want to pay for this breakfast, however.

There is minimal interaction with service at a brand like Hampton, but we found check-in and check-out to be easy and the staff friendly.  Housekeeping was prompt and fairly thorough.

Hampton Inn and Suites, North Conway Overall Review

Overall, The Hampton Inn and Suites in North Conway is an excellent option for a short stay in North Conway. While we would love to see a higher-end brand in town, it's pretty clear that the economics of that don't make sense.

The Hampton Inn checks all the boxes, being clean, cheap, and accessible.

The Hampton is especially good if you have a dog, as they have plenty of dog-friendly rooms, and dog fees are relatively low.