Tracy Morgan Returns To The Ellen Show

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After a horrible accident left him on the brink of losing his life, comedian Tracy Morgan defied the odds against him and made a full recovery.

Now, Morgan is back to share his story of recovering and more on The Ellen Show.

After DeGeneres introduced Morgan, he said that while he had a two percent chance of surviving God gave him a second chance. DeGeneres said that he must feel a lot of the love he gets everywhere he goes and Morgan joked that he felt like the Desmond Tutu of show business now.

Morgan took the opportunity to give it back on the show and said he missed the fans.

Morgan is going back on tour and when DeGeneres asked who made him laugh first in recovery, Morgan said it was Eddie Murphy.

Unfortunately, Morgan wasn't able to walk very well but when he saw his daughter take her first steps, Morgan was inspired to get up and learn to walk again.

He said his purpose in life is to spread love, especially with all of the wrong going on in the world today.

You can hear more hilarious highlights from The Ellen Show in the video below, including how he and his wife keep their sex-life hot.

Tracy Morgan Returns To The Ellen Show