Tracy Morgan Opens Up About His 2014 Accident On the Stern Show

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Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was on the brink of losing his life in 2014 after a horrendous accident.

Morgan recently visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show for the first time since the accident and opened up completely about his near death experience.

Stern opened up the show by telling his listeners that Morgan was a good friend of the show and had a horrible accident. He asked to let Morgan look at him to see how he was doing and how much he healed up.

Morgan said he got Stern's letter that he wrote to him after the accident and Stern relayed how upset he was when he heard about the accident.

Morgan said that he was gone after the accident and doesn't remember any of the details.

"Tracy said his wife said that a couple of times he tried to get out of bed. He said his femur was pulverized. He said he has a titanium rod in his leg for life," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said the trauma to his head was bad and he broke every bone in his face. He said his wife was really scared. He said he didn't feel anything."

Morgan said he didn't want to discuss the accident but he knew it was a different type of show and there was plenty of time to be funny.

He spoke about his mother accusing his wife about not letting her see Morgan when he was in the hospital. Morgan said he could not understand why his mother would say that to TMZ.

Morgan also spoke about his motivation to walk again which was his daughter. His daughter was learning to walk and Morgan decided that he wanted to work to.

The interview was pretty incredible and Morgan's fans got to learn a lot about his experience along with what it felt like to make sure a huge return.

You can listen to the entire interview with Tracy Morgan from the Stern Show in the audio below.

Tracy Morgan's First Stern Show Interview Since His Accident