'Total Divas' S3 Ep. 5 Recap: Firearms Frenzy

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On tonight's new episode of "Total Divas" the divas had to deal with family issues ranging from medical issues, to firearms, to little brother misbehavior.

Eva Marie (her Instagram) was shocked when Jonathan made a dangerous decision without her consent, which troubled her because she believes she has the final word in their relationship. Without even consulting her he decided that they were going to own firearms and have them in the house for home security.

He even brought her to a firing range to see if she could see some pros for the idea, but she still wasn't convinced.

While she was gone on the road he purchased a pistol and had it in the house and after her discovery the fireworks started.

Eva argued that their marriage was not going to work that way, and all she wanted was to be included in the big decisions.

Cameron (her Instagram) was dealing with family issues as her little brother is causing drama as it seems he is heading down a bad road. After driving around she found him with his friends, and after trying to hide something illegal that they were doing she smashed their blurred out paraphernalia on the ground. Of course he put on the tough and rebellious little brother role, which infuriated her and her boyfriend.

Cameron took it to drastic measures and brought her little brother to meet with former gang members to scare the truth into him. The meeting brought positive results, and they all agreed that they all care about each other.

Meanwhile Daniel's neck injury and recovery has taken a turn for the worst, leaving Brie (her Instagram) feeling overwhelmed and worried about their future. Daniel is definitely feeling the effects from his condition and the pain is getting in the way of normal life things and activities. During a visit with the WWE Senior Physician, Brie and Daniel found out that he was most likely going to need another surgery, this time in his elbow.

During a WWE event he told his fans he would be out longer but that he would be back to reclaim his heavyweight title.

Brie and Daniel disagreed on how he should approach his injury; he wanted to avoid surgery and heal naturally while Brie wanted to go ahead with surgery to get him back in the ring quicker.

The next episode of "Total Divas" airs Sunday, Oct. 12th at 9 p.m. on E!