Total Divas S3 E2 Recap, 'Mo' Marriage, Mo' Problems'

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On tonight's new episode of "Total Divas" the future of some divas' marriages were put to the test, while the Funkadactyl's status as a tag team was put at risk.

This season has showed a rocky relationship between Nikki (her Instagram) and her husband John Cena. On last week's premiere she even went so far as to secretly have her eggs frozen without his knowledge. Tonight the end of their relationship loomed even closer, as in the very beginning of the episode John found a tube of hormones and Nikki confessed her secret. The talks about Nikki's decision and their future continued throughout the episode, with John opening up his feelings about he is scared he might lose her, which would leave him "devastated." After talking with John she chose to stop the process of freezing her eggs.

Nikki's decisions seem to upset at least one person, because Brie is mad at her choice and called her a pushover to all of John's wants and needs. However she has yet another change of heart, and decides go through with the egg freezing process.

The twin sisters visit their nieces and nephews, and that makes Nikki question whether or not she will ever end up having her own kids.

Nikki and John discussed the details about the procedure and John told her he would be all in for the procedure, promising to support and care for her.

It seems like relationship issues run in the family, as Nikki's twin sister Brie (her Instagram) dealt with marriage problems of her own. Her and husband Daniel Bryan purchased their first house together, which led to the inevitable talk about children. But upon admiring their new home, disagreements arose about things that needed to be changed within the home. And inevitably the topic of the argument changed from the house to the foundation of their relationship.

Daniel revealed to Brie that he is going to need emergency neck surgery on his bad shoulder, and thus would be off the tour for an extended period. Brie struggles with this obstacle because she feels a commitment to the tour and will miss his surgery.

The arguments about the house and Daniel's surgery makes her take a step back and realize the wrongs she has done in their relationship.

The couple learned more bad news, as Daniel's titles will be taken away for the good of the tour.

To the surprise of Ariane/Cameron (her Instagram), Trinity/Naomi (her Instagram) put the future of their tag team, the Funkadactyls, at risk when she considers breaking away and trying a solo performance in the wrestling shows. Instead of being completely wiped away, Ariane would take more of the water-girl role to Trinity. The big issue is that she was not trained as long as Trinity, and thus is not able to perform as well as her partner. Trinity admits she does feel bad, feeling though as if the team has a lot more they can accomplish.

During a performance Ariane takes on the cheerleader role for Trinity, and she hits an ultimatum where she no longer wants to be a shadow. She wants to drop back down to the developmental area, but she finds out that there is the possibility she wouldn't be called back and given the chance to be a diva.

However despite the risk she decides that is the best option for her. Upon revealing the news to Trinity the two argue about how the Funkadactyls will be broken up, each one calling the other inconsiderate.

The first two episodes of the third season of "Total Divas" have introduced viewers to the issues that the divas face both in and out of the wrestling ring. From marital and family issues to losses on the mat, this season will be sure to pack a punch filled with drama.

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