Tory Lanez Unleashes 'I Told You' To Tell His Story

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If you want to get a little more acquainted with Tory Lanez/Daystar Peterson, your best bet might be to listen to his new album I Told You.

Lanez shares some important aspects of his life and also shows off his braggadocios nature.

The album is broken down into skits where Lanez goes through getting kicked out of a house and being put on the streets.

His hustle and hunger to break into the music game is also detailed on "I Told You / Another One." Lanez takes you on a journey from somewhat of struggle to making it big time in music.

As you could expect, there are also love songs and tracks like "To D.R.E.A.M." that detail some of the goals Lanez has in life.

The balance between straight hip-hop verses and R&B tracks is pretty well executed though the change in Lanez's voice will be strange to someone who hasn't heard his music before. When you hear the change in delivery from "4am Flex" to "Luv" it sounds like two completely different people.

That being said, those who are used to it won't even notice it. Overall, it's a pretty solid album and definitely marks a successful debut for Tory Lanez.

You can stream I Told You below and let us know if Lanez delivered with his debut album in the comments section.

Stream/Listen to I Told You By Tory Lanez