'Top Gear' destroys '88 Civic, '78 Jeep, and '85 Mercedes D300

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The guys from "Top Gear" put three old and beat up cars through tough durability tests in the Mojave Desert.

The three cars, each one chosen by one member, put their cars through dangerous and car-destroying tests.

The driver of whichever car made it to the closest civilization 80 miles away first and in the best shape won the prize of being able to drive the fastest Rolls-Royce ever made, the 2014 Wraith:

Each challenge tested the parts that were left in the car, as well as how much damage the body of each car could withstand.

The challenges included time trial sprints around courses, semi-long distance drives, and destructive drives where they would run into objects.

The hosts, Adam Ferrara, Rutledge Wood, and car racing competitor Tanner Foust, had a blast competing these challenges and doing what they love: playing with cars.

On the final 10-mile stretch to the finish all three cars struggled to survive, especially what was left of Tanner's Civic. Adam won the challenge in his Jeep and was driven around in the Rolls-Royce by Tanner.

The next episode of "Top Gear" airs Tuesday, Oct. 7th at 9 p.m. on History Channel.

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