Update: 'Top Gear' Guys Release Full Trailer for New Show, and It's Awesome (Watch)

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have released a new trailer for their upcoming show The Grand Tour, which will be premiering in November on Amazon Prime -- and it's even cooler than we expected.

The trailer features Hammond, Clarkson, and May flying through the desert in sports cars, racing helicopters, and power sliding the newest exotics.

Update: here's the latest trailer for The Grand Tour

Check it out below:

The Grand Tour will be premiering on November 18 only on the Internet for customers of Amazon prime.

The show was conceived after Jeremy Clarkson was fired from BBC's Top Gear, and Richard Hammond and James May, as well as producer Andy Willman,ecided to leave with him.

Amazon has already ordered 36 episodes of the show, at a rumored $5 to $8 million an episode. And from the trailer it definitely looks like they're spending it.

We can't wait till November 18, and stay tuned because we will be doing regular recaps and reviews of each episode.

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