Top 10 Donald Trump Live Tweets From the Democratic Debate

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Republican candidate and 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump live tweeted as he watched the Democratic debate and some of his tweets took clear jabs at the candidates and even at CNN in one instance.

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Trump has made it a mission to come out on top as the best candidate to take office in 2016. At first many thought his bid was a joke however, it all got very real very quickly.

Last night during the Democratic debate it appears that Trump was paying close attention and nitpicking all of his opponents.

He released a series of tweets taking jabs at everyone from Hilary Clinton to CNN. He particularly referred to the Democratic debate as "boring" before it even began.

Trump has dedicated his website to the 2016 campaign as a part of his strategy. He has been quite outspoken during his campaign and has continued to rattle out statements that according to Politifact, aren't fully true. In their results Politifact shows that Trump has yet to make a completely true statement when it comes to questions posed during the debate and statements made on his presidency as a whole.

Evidently Trump still manages to keep his viewers, potential voters and media sites entertained.

His status as a celebrity who has appeared on the Apprentice as well as his wealth has kept him in the public eye over the years.

You can check out some of his best tweets from last nights live tweet in our slideshow below.

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