'Too Close to Home' Recap: Episode 4 - Is Anna on a Hit List? (Watch)

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Tyler Perry's "Too Close to Home" continues tonight with our protagonist Anna getting one step closer to returning to her forsaken roots, Happy, Alabama.

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The episode opens with Anna and Victor driving back to Alabama together. Victor asks whether Anna loved the President. She shocks us when she shakes her head "no." She reveals she was flattered to be pursued by the most powerful man in the free world. When Victor continues to probe he cautions Anna not to tell anyone anything that the President may have revealed to her. Still, he insists that he's a vault and Anna can trust him.

Anna breaks down and tells him that how "Teddy" the President made a move on her. Their first sexual encounter took place in the Oval office.

Victor questions whether he forced her. Anna looks ashamed to admit that she "wanted it." Victor has his revelations, telling Anna that he identifies as bisexual.

See the clip here:

In the next scene, we see Bonnie serving a meal to a shifty looking man. When the sheriff comes in, he asks Bonnie whether she's ever seen the man before. But the sheriff quickly moves on to the topic of Anna and the news indicating that she was having an affair with the President. Bonnie immediately gives Anna a call and leaves her a message.

Bonnie seems so overwhelmed she can't seem to take in what the sheriff was saying. Later, Brody and Shelby also find out the Anna was sleeping with the President as the news of Anna's exploits begins to percolate even all of Happy, Alabama.

A conversation between Brody and Bonnie indicates that Brody used to desire Anna but he and Bonnie also had a relationship at one point.

Meanwhile, Anna continues to tell Victor about the more concerning aspects of her relationship to the President. She notes that he was constantly having her watched and stalking her. She notes she was like a possession to him.

The night the President died, they were having sex and he had a heart attack. When Victor notes that presidents are usually in better health and questions whether someone might have wanted the President killed, Anna recalls that the President's wife was shockingly unemotional about the President's death.

Victor repeats that Anna needs to be careful.

Shelby soon arrives at the diner to confront Bonnie about whether she's heard the news about Bonnie. Bonnie accuse Shelby of gloating. Shelby retorts by noting that it was Bonnie who slept with Brody.

Bonnie, in turn, tells Shelby she knows Shelby slept with J.B. The dramatic scene ends with Shelby stalking off.

J.B. finally finds Shelby and attacks her but Rick saves them both and they run off. As if this scene doesn't keep on us on the edge of our seats, the shady man from the diner returns to ask Bonnie about something he left in his scene.

We wonder why she keeps her back to him and looks so industriously for what he lost. The man gains ample time to put on his strangling gloves and wrap his hands around Bonnie's neck when she stands up.

The episode ends with Bonnie's shocked face staring into the camera as the man keeps strangling her.

Here are the highlights of the episode:

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