'Too Close to Home' Recap: Episode 2 - Tyler Perry's Drama Starts to Get Interesting (Spoilers)

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Episode 1 of Too Close to Home, in all of its cliched and lengthy glory certainly proved to be tiresome to watch, but we decided to give the series another go and see what Episode 2 had in store for us, and it was worth it.

Update: The 'Too Close To Home' Episode 3 Recap Is Now Available

The episode opens with Brody taking off on his motorcycle in an emotional flurry after realizing that his father, Doctor Allen is missing. About a minute later, Bonnie comes upon Brody's father when she arrives for work at her diner. While Bonnie thinks that there might be a stranger sitting naked in her restaurant and calls the sheriff, she soon realizes that it's Brody's father sitting in the diner.

Bonnie calls Brody with the unfortunate task of having to let him know his father is sitting in the diner but needs clothes to put on since he's naked. In the next scene, Bonnie finds clothes for Doctor Allen and manages to keep him calm.

An emotional moment occurs when Doc Allen surprises Bonnie with his memory of Bonnie's past but also his knowledge of Anna's present.

In the next scene, we find Anna waking up in John's apartment. She seems suspicious when John asks her a lot of questions.

Tension starts crackling when John begins to drop hints about a woman who slept with a powerful man and the turmoil caused to her by the man's wife.

While Anna is freshening up in the bathroom, John makes a phone call to Carol and lets her know that he's trying to stall Anna.

The episode turns back to Bonnie's narrative, when JB arrives in the diner, only to accost Bonnie and begin grabbing her when she refuses to give him her car. Brody arrives at the diner to find JB, per his usual habit, attacking Bonnie, and proceeds to defend her by fighting JB off.

We find out that Brody and JB are step-brothers when the sheriff arrives on the scene and breaks up the fight.

Brody and Bonnie have a moment when Brody admits that he could use Bonnie's help with his father's care. The triumph for Bonnie is that she agrees to engage in Doc Allen's care-taking in exchange for her mother's rent.

Meanwhile, Shelby, who we last saw taking off with JB's truck, has a rendezvous with a drug dealer and manages to obtain $5000 for JB's truck.

We discover that in the back of JB's truck was actually cocaine and Shelby's contacts are triumphant about the cargo.

When we next meet Anna, she's being confronted by John and his editor for the Washington Sun, Carol. Carol and John offer to help Anna by providing her side of her story in an exclusive expose.

However, Anna refuses to divulge anything. She stalks out of John's apartment, only to be overwhelmed by a crowd of reporters wanted to get a statement from her and take her picture.

Anna's co-interns let her into Dax's apartment and turn their own anger on her. Anna voices her desperation and asks for her help getting back home. Anna announces that she needs to head back to Alabama.

The episode begins to tie up with JB getting his truck back but finding out that his drugs are gone. JB has to admit to his client, Horace, that he lost the load of drugs.

Horace shoots their intermediary and tells JB that if he doesn't get his drugs, Bonnie and Shelby will both wind up dead.

Finally, Dax's boyfriend, Victor, offers to drive Anna down South. Dax and Victor's relationship comes to a head when Dax asks Victor not to head to the South. However, Victor doesn't comply and heads out with Anna.

The drama in this episode definitely went up a notch. We'll be guessing at what's going to happen next week.

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