Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Recap: Samuel L. Jackson, Norman Reedus, and Jessie J

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It was a star studded cast on the show tonight. Norman Reedus would probably be a number 1 guest most nights but Samuel L. Jackson decided to steal some of the thunder. Jessie J of course isn't an after thought and she blew everyone away with her performance.

(Kingsman Trailer Below)

Samuel L. Jackson is of course in the new Avengers movie that isn't that all far off coming to theaters in May. But he was on the show to promote a new movie of his entitled 'The Kingsman.' He plays a villain role strangely enough.

This is clearly a Pro-British movie and star Colin Firth would be the counterpart to Jackson. The movie has gotten wonderful reviews and is dubbed as mix between a 007 and Tarantino experience.

Speaking of Mr. Tarantino Sam also decided to discuss his role in the ever popular Pulp Fiction.

Which of course starred Sam back in the 90's and is considered one of the most revolutionary films ever. Always cool to hear actors come on to talk about their big breaks.

(Samuel L. Jackson discussing his Pulp Fiction Role Below)

Norman Reedus on the other hand had plenty to talk about concerning work that is currently airing. The Walking Dead is on the second half of it's 5th season. The show is obviously a power house and the walker fans are some of the most die hard out there.

Last week held the premiere episode and things are really starting to heat up on the show. The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sunday Nights at 9 p.m. eastern.

Norman and Jimmy played a reoccurring game on the show that the host usually reserves for manly men. Norman is of course known for his sharpshooting with a crossbow on The Walking Dead.

Each picked up a bow and made attempts to shoot each others faces.

(Jimmy and Norman playing Face Breakers Below)

Jessie J was coming off her performance with Tom Jones at The Grammy's which aired last Sunday. The British pop superstar clearly is on a track to the very top of the industry.

This was her first appearance on The Tonight Show and she killed it with a new song of hers.

Jimmy was running behind on Fridays as he usually does so he blessed the audience with his world famous thank you notes. The Tonight Show Airs every weekday at 1130 pm.

(Thank You Notes Below)