Tommy Wiseau And Greg Sestero Have Now Somewhat Achieved Their Hollywood Dream

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Life for actors living in Hollywood is not always how you imagine it. Not everyone is successful like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson or Jennifer Lawrence.

For many actors, the struggle is real and sometimes they don't even get the opportunuties that they want. This was true for both Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero who star in the 2003 film 'The Room'.

I watched 'The Disaster Artist' movie as well as read the book written by Greg Sestero himself and things now are somewhat better for the pair.

Thanks to James Franco's movie, the two are now living the Hollywood dream that they always wanted nearly two decades ago.

It was quite inspiring seeing both Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero actually attend the 2018 Golden Globes because if you read the book version of 'The Disaster Artist', you'll know how tough it was for both of them to break into Hollywood.

Absolutely nobody wanted Tommy Wiseau cast in any movie whatsoever and he never got any calls back.

Greg Sestero was not that much successful either failing to get roles in many TV shows and movies so he had to settle being an extra most of the time.

Reading the book, both Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero were living in Los Angeles and they hated the Golden Globes back then. Tommy said that the Hollywood elites are snobs for not casting him in any movie.

This was the inspiration he got to make his own movie which eventually led to The Room.

Greg Sestero also felt despressed back then knowing he will never be a part of something like the Golden Globes ever in his lifetime.

Fast forward to 2018, and both men are a part of the Golden Globes itself.

It was cool to see both of them on the red carpet and at the event itself because they always wanted to be famous in Hollywood and now they somewhat are.

James Franco actually won best actor for a in a "Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy" much to the surprise of Hugh Jackman.

That said, both Tommy and Greg were happy for Franco's win which was based on their own lives.

Thanks to Franco's win, Tommy Wiseau actually got up on stage to accompany him.

Sure, Wiseau was not allowed to speak, but both he and Greg were shown on screen and it made me happy to see them finally succeed in their dream.

Who would have thought that making the "worst movie ever" such as The Room actually made both Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau even more famous than they could ever imagine.

I like the underdog story and appreciate the fact that both of them got the chance to finally be a part of the Hollywood elite for one night.

Sure they're not the most famous actors out there, but The Room helped them gain a cult following and you have to admire them for that.

Hopefully both of them get a chance to attend the 2018 Academy Awards too. We'll just have to wait and see on how many awards The Disaster Artist gets nominated in.

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