Tom Hardy Seems To Be Commenting On Venom Movie Rumors

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Tom Hardy posted something interesting on his official Instagram page earlier today. It appears as if the post is commenting indirectly about the recent rumors that have been talked about for the upcoming Venom movie from Sony Pictures. 

If you did not know already, there are rumors that the script for Venom has been leaked online telling us that the suit does not make an appearance until the last five minutes of the movie.

Well here's Tom Hardy cryptic message about the rumor.

"Venom ♠️🖤🤙🏻💯 just sayin Venom suit - myths usually asinine circulate about things usually by those who have failed to garner credible intel". 

It sounds like he's kind of debunking the rumors, although it's still unclear. Sony Pictures itself has yet to comment on the rumors so everything is up in the air at the moment. 

Fans are just paranoid mainly because the first teaser trailer for Venom showed only Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock with zero footage of the actual Venom suit.

Fans are scared Sony is going to butcher the character for a second time on the big screen.

Venom has always been awesome in the Spider-Man comics, but sadly the character had a very underwhelming film debut in Spider-Man 3.

Topher Grace was miscast as the character and the Venom suit only had a little amount of screen time in that movie too.

Hopefully the recent rumors are not true as Sony will be disappointing many fans all over again if Venom has zero screen time in the actual suit.

We'll just have to find out for ourselves if the rumors are true when the film is out on October 5th, 2018.

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